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Manufactured by Coghlan's (
Last updated 04-22-09

The Six Function Whistle is a nifty little camping tool that combines six useful tools in one handy-dandy package.
The six tools are:

1: A very loud whistle (of course!)
2: Thermometer
3: Compass
4: Magnifying lens
5: Signalling mirror
6: White LED flashlight

The whistle is extremely loud; after just a brief test blast with only moderate force used in blowing it (sound file of this is farther down this web page), it left my ears ringing for quite a few minutes afterward!!!
If nobody hears this whistle within approximately a mile, perhaps their hearing aid requires new batteries.

All of the instruments are easy to use; plus there are no sharp blades that could cause damage to younger users. The only thing I really don't care for is that the Six Function Whistle is not waterproof or even all that water-resistant; in my opinion it should be for a product designed exclusively to be used OUTDOORS!!!

 Size of product w/hand to show scale SIZE

To use the flashlight portion of the Six Function Whistle, press & hold down that black rubbery button on the lower surface of the unit near the front. Release pressure on this button to turn it off.

To use the compass, turn the product over so that the compass' dial is on the upper surface. Hold it reasonably level, and read it as you would any magnetic compass.

To use the magnifying lens and/or signal mirror, use your fingernail to pull them away from the side of the product; they're on a central hinge so that they cannot fall off and become lost. When finished, swing them back until they are as far inside the product's body as they'll go.

To use the whistle, place the flat end in your mouth, seal your lips around it, and exhale (blow) sharply. A very loud, somewhat shrill sound should now be produced.

The Six Function Whistle requires 3 SR1120 silver oxide button cells to power its flashlight function.

Use a knife or small standard screwdriver to pry up the cap with the pushbutton switch on it, remove it, then hold it in one hand while giving it a vigorous "flick" with the middle finger of the other (to impart a good spinning motion to it) so that it sails into the woods where a skunk will find it, become angry at it, then uranate on it...O WAIT!!! YOU'LL NEED THAT!!! So just set it aside instead.
See photograph directly below of what you should see at this point.

Carefully lift the LED away, noting its polarity (which side of the inside part appears "fatter" than the other) so you can put it back the same way, and set that aside too.

Remove the three used SR1120 silver oxide button cells from the compartment, and dispose of or recycle them as you see fit.

Place three new SR1120 cells into the compartment, orienting them so that their button-ends (-) negatives face up, and slip the LED back in, orienting it so that it goes in the same way it came out earlier.

Finally, press the battery cover/switch assembly back on until it snaps into place.
Aren't you glad you didn't flick that cap into the forest with all of those pissed off skunks now?

The Six Function Whistle is intended to be used as a multifunctional camping tool, not as an EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlight meant to be carried around, thrashed, trashed, and abused - so I won't try to drown it in the toliet tank, bash it against a steel rod or against the concrete floor of a porch, let my mother's big dog's ghost or my sister's kitty cat spring a leak (uranate) on it, run over it with a 450lb Celebrity motorised wheelchair, stomp on it, use a small claw hammer in order to bash it open to check it for candiosity, fire it from the cannoņata, drop it down the top of Mt. Erupto (I guess I've been watching the TV program "Viva Piņata" too much again - candiosity is usually checked with a laser-type device on a platform with a large readout (located at Piņata Central {aka. "Party Central"}), with a handheld wand that Langston Lickatoad uses, or with a pack-of-cards-sized device that Fergy Fudgehog uses; the cannoņata (also located at Piņata Central) is only used to shoot piņatas to piņata parties away from picturesque Piņata Island, and Mt. Erupto is an active volcano on Piņata Island), send it to the Daystrom Institute for additional analysis, shoot it into a quantum filament
*, or perform other indecencies on it that a flashlight might have to have performed on it. So this section of the web page will be ***SIGNIFICANTLY*** more bare than this section of the web page on a page about a flashlight that was born to be a flashlight and nothing but a flashlight.

Like I said earlier, the only thing I really don't care for is that the Six Function Whistle is not waterproof or even all that water-resistant; in my opinion it should be for a product designed exclusively to be used OUTDOORS!!!

Photograph of the beam on the test target at ~12".
Measures 16,518mcd on a Meterman LM631 (now Amprobe LM631A) light meter.

Photograph of a UPS receipt with no magnification.

Photograph of the same subject taken through
the magnifying lens in the Six Function Whistle.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of the LED in the Six Function Whistle.
USB2000 spectrometer graciously donated by P.L.

ProMetric analysis
Beam cross-sectional analysis.
Image made using the ProMetric System by Radiant Imaging.

Sound file (.wav extension) allowing you to hear the whistle.
This sound file is 44,934 bytes in length; dial-up users please be aware.

Test unit was purchased at a Right Aid store in Federal Way WA. USA on 04-19-09.

Product was made in Taiwan.
A product's country of origin really does matter to some people, which is why I published it on this web page.

* From the Star Trek: TNG episode "Disaster".

UPDATE: 00-00-00



    MANUFACTURER: Coghlan's
    PRODUCT TYPE: Keychain-style multifunctional camping tool
    LAMP TYPE: 5mm white LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Medium spot w/soft corona
    SWITCH TYPE: Squeeze product on/mode change/off
    CASE MATERIAL: Plastic
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: 3xSR1120 silver oxide button cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER RESISTANT: Light splatter/sprinkle-resistant only
    SUBMERSIBLE: For God (Christ, Pete, heaven, your) sakes NOOO!!!
    ACCESSORIES: Batteries
    WARRANTY: Unknown/not stated


    Star Rating

Six Function Whistle *

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