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LEDs - Gallium Indium Nitride UV, violet, purple, blue, aqua, turquoise, green, white. Also Gallium Arsenide and others. New LED MUSEUM! GaN, InGaN, SiC, GaAs, GaP, GaAlP, ZnSe, flashlight, flashlights.

DirecTV installed their service in our home in Shelton WA.; Dean and his assistant technician Ken were very professional and friendly too. While the DirecTV commercials suck, their service was nothing short of stellar!

Family Eye Clinic
Family Eye Clinic in Federal Way WA. USA.
Dr. Duane L. Jackson, OD
Dr. Jackson is very friendly and patient-oriented; he cares more about the patient than his pocketbook!

NW Eye Surgeons
They'll repair any ocular damage -- within reason of course.
Dr. Hoki performed cataract surgery on my right eye on 05-05-14 and I must say she did a spectacular job at it!!!
All of the rewards and potential risks of this surgery were very thoroughly explained to me well before I went under the knife; and as with Family Eye Clinic, the doctors, the anesthesiologist, and the other staff were knowledgeable and kind -- this is in addition to being patient-oriented.
Thank you ever so much Dr. Hoki!!!

:- Wireless interactive Presentation Gateway Present WiPG-1000 is professional wireless presentation gateway

Wipg-1500 :- Wipg-1500 Wireless Interactive Presentations for Win/Mac. Say goodbye to ugly cables and hello to easy wireless presentations with the Present wireless presentation gateway.

Custom Neon Signs

Description: Neon and More is a leading manufacturer of high quality American-made custom neon signs for business or home, as well as custom channel letters signs, neon border tubing and epoxy resin signs.

Big screen
ADI are one of the world's leading names in LED screen technology. We offer some of the world's most innovative solutions for permanent installation and hire, servicing some of the world's leading brands and events.

Billboard Advertising
Independent outdoor advertising agency UK. Billboard advertising, bus shelter advertising, bus, train and tram advertising, big screen digital advertising

Kid's Toys to WOW Them All
A 'resources' website with all kinds of links to toy outfits with products ranging from children's physical & mental toys to "big boy toys" such as video game consoles, etc.

Design Companies Online
A 'resources' website with all kinds of links to design companies such as the designers of the Coca Cola™, BP, AT&T, Apple, etc. logos, interior designers, website designers, packaging designeers, etc.

Alliance Seating & Mobility; partnering with The SCOOTER Store®

The SCOOTER Store®

POCAAN (People of Color Against AIDS Network)

A book written by Jordon Papanier: Fallen Lotus Petals

Anytime Roofing

Anytime Roofing
This western Washington state roofing company (licensed, bonded and insured; also a BBB accredited business) does excellent work (they re-roofed our home for a very modest price); the crew in their employ shows the utmost in courteousness and professionalism, they're honest and upfront about costs, and I'd ***HIGHLY*** recommend them if you're in the Seattle/Tacoma area and need a new roof, skylights, solar tubes, and more.

chicago lofts
123 Chicago Real Estate is effortlessly the most useful Chicago real estate website for listings to buy or sell Chicago homes, condos and lofts.

Pets Boutiques
Shop online for dog kennels and pet care products for household pets at low internet prices and fast home delivery service!

Jordon Papanier (from LEDTronics) kindly asked me to publish this video -- this is his book trailer video.

Party supplies and decorations for the adult and kids parties. Great party favors, piñatas and accessories, too!
Also view our 1st birthday party and baby shower supplies.

Directory of really cool stuff
All kinds of cool (or "kool" or "kewl") websites can be found here.
This link is here as part of a link exchange program; not all websites on are LED-related.

WHITE 5500-6500K InGaN+phosphor 
ULTRAVIOLET 370-390nm GaN 
BLUE 430nm GaN+SiC
BLUE 450 and 473nm InGaN
BLUE Silicon Carbide
TURQUOISE 495-505nm InGaN
GREEN 525nm InGaN 
YELLOW-GREEN 555-575mn GaAsP & related
YELLOW 585-595nm
AMBER 595-605nm
ORANGE 605-620nm
ORANGISH-RED 620-635nm
RED 640-700nm
INFRARED 700-1300nm
True RGB Full Color LED
Spider (Pirrahna) LEDs
True violet (400-418nm) LEDs
Agilent Barracuda & Prometheus LEDs
Oddball & Miscellaneous LEDs
Where to buy these LEDs 
Links to other LED-related websites
The World's First Virtual LED Museum
The Punishment Zone - Where Flashlights Go to Die
Legal horse puckey, etc.

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