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The Nordic 3-D appears to be a foreign-made clone of the popular Mag-Lite. The unit has an adjustable beam, and also appears to be "expandable" - that is, you can remove the barrel below the switch and change it to a longer or shorter one. As-is, the light uses 3 D cells.


To turn the light on and off, just press the rubberized button on the barrel. Focusing the beam is accomplished by screwing the head in and out.

When the light bulb pops, unscrew the head all the way and set it aside. Then unscrew the metal collar below the bulb until it too comes off. Remove the dead bulb and stomp on it. The replace it with a new KPR103 flange base flashlight bulb, screw the collar back down over it, and screw the bezel (head) back on.

A spare bulb should be located in a foam holder under the large spring in the tailcap.

To change the batteries, unscrew the tailcap and dump out the bad batteries. Insert three new D cells, button-end first, into the barrel, and screw the tailcap back on.

Since this light is a loaner, the traditional "thrash and destroy" tests cannot be done.

The light appears to be reasonably sturdy; not that different from a real Mag-Lite. There is a small amount of wobble in the head, but this shouldn't affect the casual user.

Unlike a real Mag-Lite, you can remove the whole barrel and replace it with a longer or shorter one (if they're still available) to accomodate more or fewer cells. Be sure you also change the bulb to match the number of batteries, or else it'll pop.

Narrow and wide foci on the test target.

Beam collage, showing different foci from approximately 1 meter.

When focused to its tightest setting, the beam of light is narrow and bright. But you soon start seeing black holes and lots of ugly rings when you start to widen the focus, as you can see in the beam photos above. This is fairly typical of all adjustable lights that use mirror-smooth reflectors.

Light is a loaner - and one that was FORGOTTEN (oops!) not long after receiving it. Sorry Jahn. I'll see to it that it gets returned on my next payday. :p

UPDATE: 00-00-00



    MANUFACTURER: Unknown Taiwanese manufacturer
    PRODUCT TYPE: Large flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: Incandescent
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Adjustable focus
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton on/off
    BEZEL: Metal with recessed lens, smooth reflector.
    BATTERY: 3 "D" cells
    SUBMERSIBLE: Unknown
    ACCESSORIES: Unknown
    WARRANTY: Unknown


    Star Rating


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