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Lightwave Pocket Bright, retail $14.00 (
Manufactured by Lightwave
Updated 12-30-01

*** VERY IMPORTANT!!!*** As of 07-06-07, the Lightwave company is no longer manufacturing flashlights!!

LED Light

The Pocket Bright is a largish, black keychain-style white LED flashlight.
When I saw one for the first time, what hit me was the size of the thing. The Pocket Bright is just huge for a single LED keychain.
I suppose there's a reason the word "POCKET" is in the product's name!

(Edit) In late November 2001, I was provided with new and improved samples of the Pocket Bright; most of the remainder of text on this page will be rewritten to reflect any improvements or changes noted. Its rating will also change, assuming the new units work properly right out of the pack; as the original review was based on improperly functioning units).


To use the Pocket Bright, all you do is press the top surface (or just sqeeze the light) once to turn it on, and squeeze it again to turn it off. The actual switch is of the rubber-topped "momentary" type like you find in VCRs, computers, game-boys, and other consumer electronics; so the switching mechamism itself is digital.

The Pocket Bright comes with a long lanyard with a badge clip type attachment, and a velcro sticky-disc for attaching the light to an object (bicycle fender, wall, table, dashboard, etc.). A split ring type keyring is attached to the Pocket Bright as well.

To change the batteries, turn the light upside down, put a coin in the slot in the battery door, and turn counterclockwise until it stops (1/10 of a turn). Remove the door. The batteries are now held in by a metal clip, and the instructions advise you to gently tap the now-open Pocket Bright against a table or desk to dislodge the batteries. I'm sitting here smacking the poo-poo out of the poor thing and those batteries aren't going anywhere.

Time to break out the heavy equipment - a mutilated paper clip - and see how it goes from there. (twist, bend, mutilate, twist...) and success! One paper clip with one end pulled away at a 45 angle. Ok, maybe "mutilated" is too strong a word for a single mild bend that's completely reversible. :p
A toothpick should also work here, as would the tine off a plastic fork, a nail file, a skinny pocket knife blade, a barbie pin, or a Bic pen cap...
In the battery cavity, there's a cutout on the opposite side where the spring clip is, and the paper clip easily dislodges the batteries.

Give the Pocket Bright makers this though; those batteries probably won't fall out even if you drop the light and the door somehow comes off. So you won't be left in the dark unless the poor thing falls under the treads of a tank.

Insert two new CR2025 cells, flat (+) side facing you. Once both batteries are in, your Pocket Bright will turn itself on - this is normal. Now take the door and place it back over the opening so the small arrow points straight ahead. Gently press straight in, and give it a little clockwise twist, and then finish the job with a coin in the slot, turning clockwise until you feel it "lock" into place.

The only major issue I have is the type of battery used. They aren't of a type usually found in the drug store or camera shop; so you may have to go online to find them. Good luck if you don't have a credit card or don't like to use them online.

The first sample I received last year (from a website visitor) didn't even work right, and a second one crapped out soon afterward.
Now, a year later, it appears that some improvements have been made, and new accessories are included as standard equipment.

To start off with, the Pocket Bright is larger than most other keychain type LED lights. The case style has not been changed from the original, but it seems that some other improvements were done over the last year. A spring clip now holds the batteries firmly in place, reducing the chance that they might become dislodged in an accident. The contact portion of the circuit board is now gold plated for better conductivity. The battery door & seal has been refined as well. And the O-ring no longer falls out. And there are probably some other improvements that aren't visible from the outside.

Water resistance is stated at 1 foot, so although this isn't a dive light, it will survive those little accidents we all have at the campsite or on the trail, and rain won't bother it a bit.

So what happens when you drop a Pocket Bright?
Plain and simple.
Besides the expected clattering sound of something solid with loose parts (the keychain hanging from it, remember?), the new and improved Pocket Bright just absorbs the punishment and bounces right back for more.

Stand by for new photos of the Pocket Bright's beam, and a trip through the ProMetric. This picture is of a 1st generation unit. Current Pocket Brights compare in brightness to the Arc AAA keychain light.

First samples from early-mid 2000 arrived basically nonfunctional. They still does not work correctly.
Recent samples from late 2001 alll appear to work properly, and may be slightly brighter.

UPDATE 11-29-01:
Testing is now underway with new units. Most of the text from the old review was deleted because the samples never worked right. So this will be treated as a totally new and seperate review.

Feels alright in the hand.
Small enough to keep in pocket or purse.
Supposedly decent battery life (to be determined)
Tool-free battery change.
Slightly brighter than earlier generation models.
Durable case, with LED recessed in the bezel for protection.

Does not appear as bright as some other single-LED white flashlights
The first tested sample (mid-2000) has unreliable switching circuitry which I believe has been fixed as of late 2001.
Larger than usual size may not appeal to *some* consumers.
Unusual batteries might not be easy to find in an emergency.

          MANUFACTURER: Lightwave Inc
          PRODUCT TYPE: Keychain flashlight
          LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm
          No. OF LAMPS: 1
          BEAM TYPE: Central hotspot with soft fall-off
          SWITCH TYPE: Squeeze on, squeeze off
          BEZEL: LED inset into a cowling
          BATTERY: 2 CR2025 lithium coin cells
          CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown
          WATER RESISTANT: Yes
          SUBMERSIBLE: Yes, 1 foot
          ACCESSORIES: Batteries, split ring, lanyard with clothes clip, velcro attachment disc
          WARRANTY: 3 years

Lightwave Pocket Bright * WWW.THELEDLIGHT.COM

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