Beaming Poi

Beaming Poi, retail $63.00 / pair
Manufactured by Beaming Balls LTD (
Last updated 04-27-03 (Updated price)
One of the Beaming Poi balls and the storage pouch were never found in a move between 10-10-04 and 10-20-04; but I still have the other Beaming Poi ball.

LED Light

Never heard of Poi or Poi balls?
Neither did I until a pouch from New Zealand showed up in my mailbox this afternoon.

Ever heard of Burning Man?
I'm pretty sure most of you have. Beaming Poi lets you take a bit of Burning Man home with you.
Beaming Poi are large (62mm) plastic balls attached to a long swivelling chain & a finger strap, which you are supposed to swing around in various, almost dance-like moves. Unlike regular poi balls though, these guys are outfitted with brilliant red LEDs that create an instant light show all around your body while you do your poi moves.

This is definitely the most unusual LED product to have crossed my desk over the last couple of years.

Size reference

The review process is currently underway.
I was in the damn hospital for a few months in late 2002 and early 2003, and I think the cleaners either hid or made off with one of these while I was away (checking flashlight shelves...) I see ONE of them up there, but not both. And not the pouch they came in either. :-( So it looks like there won't be any more pictures of BOTH Beaming Poi in action, unless the missing one turns up.

Here are some of the features, as shown on their website:
  • "Sunbright" red LEDs, each rated 4,600mcd.
  • Simple to operate, flush-mounted rotary switch.
  • Uses cheap and common "AA" cells for approx. 30 hours of use per set.
  • Water and dust resistant.
  • Comes in day-glow yellow and orange; both fluoresce brightly in blue or UV light.
  • "High velocity" impact resistant ABS plastic.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Size 62mm diameter, weighs only 160 grams including batteries.
  • Heavy duty splitring, swivelling ball-type chain, adjustable length, and either leather or nylon handles.

I will of course elaborate on these as the review progresses.

[image 4 AAA cells]
Uses 2 AA cells in each ball.

(description of proper use, results of abuse, dropping, slamming into surface, drowning in the toilet, etc.)

LED Light
A Beaming Poi ball, closeup taken through an old binocular lens.
I'll get some better pictures up here as soon as I am able.


For these pictures, I gripped the Poi balls around mid-chain so I wouldn't put holes in the ceiling or take out the poor camera. Speaking of the camera, its exposure time cannot be lengthened any more, so these are probably the best pictures I'll be able to get of the Beaming Poi Balls in action.

UPDATE 10-23-01:
These interesting devices just showed up today. I'll have to learn a few tricks in order to get any useful pictures of Beaming Poi in action, but the beginner's stuff doesn't look too difficult. :)
Beaming Poi balls are most suited to expert level, because they will hurt if you whack yourself with them.
You would be best advised to learn Poi with something soft, like balled-up socks tied to shoelace-type twine.



          MANUFACTURER: Beaming Balls LTD
          PRODUCT TYPE: Illuminated poi balls
          LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm, red (660nm)
          No. OF LAMPS: 4
          BEAM TYPE: Four circular, 12 beams
          SWITCH TYPE: Flush mounted rotary on/off, built into battery door
          BEZEL: None
          BATTERY: 2 AA cells
          CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Not yet measured
          WATER RESISTANT: Yes
          SUBMERSIBLE: No, but should be OK in the rain
          ACCESSORIES: Split ring, ball-type chain, finger strap, carrying bag
          WARRANTY: 12 months, barring accident or abuse

                PRODUCT RATING:

                DURABILITY: --
                BRIGHTNESS: --
                USEABILITY: --
                BATTERY LIFE: --
                BATTERY AVAILABILITY: --

                OVERALL SCORE: --

Beaming Poi * Beaming Balls LTD (

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