'Police' Flashlight, retail (unknown) (URL not known)
Manufactured by (that's unknown too)
Last updated 08-02-03

I borrowed this flashlight along with several others before sending them along to the next person on the list. They were originally purchased at a stall in Hong Kong, and came with no packaging. So I have no idea who made them.

It is a focusable incandescent flashlight that uses 2 CR123A cells for power, and comes with a pretty nice nylon holster you can carry it around in.


I'm guessing this comes ready to use as soon as you get it.

To get a shot of light anytime, press the tailcap button and hold it in. Release the tailcap button to turn the light back off. For continuous light, twist the tailcap clockwise (tighten). The light should come on and stay on. Turn the tailcap counterclockwise (loosen) to turn it back off.

The light comes with a sturdy looking nylon holster with a velcro flap that you can close over the top when the flashlight is in it. There's a large flap on the back with velcro and a big snap that you can affix to your belt. At the top of the back of the holster there's also a plastic D ring. I don't know what the D ring is for, but there it is if you need it. The bottom of the holster is open, so there's no way the flashlight can get turned on in the holster by accident.

To change the batteries in this light, unscrew and remove the tailcap, and set it aside. Dump the two dead CR123 cells out of the barrel and into the garbage can. Insert two new CR123 cells in the barrel, button (+) end first. Screw the tailcap back on, and back it off a bit when the flashlight comes on. There. All done.

Current was measured at 665mA on the included pair of GP CR123A cells.

To change the bulb, unscrew & remove the head, and set it aside. Unscrew the ribbed aluminum part of the bulb holder until it comes out. That should leave you holding an aluminum disc with a bulb in its center. I don't know if new light bulbs for this flashlight come with the aluminum piece or not, because I don't know who makes the flashlight or where to get extra blubs for it. Assuming it uses lamp assemblies like those found in the Pelican M6 (another, similar 2x CR123A flashlight that uses a similar bulb assembly), screw the new lamp assembly into the top of the barrel, then screw the head back on. Shoot it at a wall or ceiling and adjust the focus to your liking, then turn the flashlight off and holster it.

Because this is a loaner light, I can't wham it against walls, step on it, flush it down the can, or run over it with my Rascal scooter.

The light produced by the Police flashlight is yellower than I expected out of a 2x CR123A flashlight. The beam (at tightest focus) is also a bit crappy, but it's not horrible and awful The bulb is noticeably misaligned with the reflector; no doubt that accounts in great part for the crappy beam. Tightening the head (to adjust the beam) widens the beam, producing this funny, ring-shaped light with a large "doughnut hole" in the middle. This is characteristic of smooth-reflectored incandescents, and does not specifically indicate a problem with the flashlight itself.

The sample would dim, and require hitting (with the hand) in order to brighten back up. I don't know whether this "high resistance" connection is in the switch or in the bulb socket. This sample has to be passed along, so I can't disembowel it in the name of science in order to find out.

There appears to be O-rings on both the head and tail ends of this light. The head is watertight, and the tail is too but only if it's screwed down all the way. If the tailcap is loosened - even a little - then it will leak. But the head is sealed well, so at least you won't pop a bulb in the rain, and the flashlight ought to work even if a bit of water does get inside at the tail end.

Beam photo at ~12". Focus is tight.
Measures 200 foot-candles. Done with a Meterman LM631 light meter.

Same as above, but focus is widened by tightening the head.

Samples of this flashlight and several others were received from a CPF member on 07-28-03, and I won't have them for very long because they need to be passed along and eventually be auctioned off to help pay CPF bandwidth costs.

UPDATE: 00-00-00

Fairly small and discreet
Comes with belt holster

Dimmer and yellower than expected
Tends to flicker and dim
Not as water resistant as other 2x CR123A flashlights

    PRODUCT TYPE: Tactical style flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: Incandescent bulb
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Adjustable focus
    SWITCH TYPE: Push tailcap momentary, twist tailcap on/off
    BEZEL: Smooth reflector, plastic window to protect it
    BATTERY: 2x lithium CR123A cells
    WATER RESISTANT: Splash resistant at minimum
    ACCESSORIES: Batteries, nylon holster
    WARRANTY: Unknown


    Star Rating


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