Replacement PR bulb
for 3-cell flashlights

LEDCORP Replacement PR Bulb, retail $12.95 (URL no longer valid)
Manufactured by LEDCORP (URL no longer valid) or call 1-888-394-2001
Last updated May 13, 2001 (new screw base lamps available)


The LEDCORP Bulb is a unique PR flange-base replacement lamp designed to be used in 3-cell flashlights (see test notes & update below).
When used in a Mag-Lite (its intended purpose) or other adjustable flashlights, it is focusable!

This is an easy product to get along with. Just remove the incandescent bulb in your 3-cell flashlight, and pop this baby in. Done with that.
You now have many times the battery life, and when used in a focusable flashlight, you can project a narrow, pure white beam at least 80 feet away.

This bulb is made with a regular metal PR flange bulb base, and is epoxied into place. As a result, it should last for at least one lifetime, or until your flashlight burns up in a fire or goes overboard & sinks to the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

This particular sample is meant for use only in a 3-cell flashlight; putting it in 1 or 2 cell lights will result in poor or no operation; using it with 4 or more cells will destroy it.
Models are now becoming available for your larger 4, 5 and 6 cell flashlights, so be sure to match the bulb you choose with the number of cells your flashlight uses.

The unique feature of this LED bulb is its ability to make use of your existing flashlight's reflector - something that an ordinary LED just cannot do.
The dome (top) of the LED is ground in a patent pending process to allow this. An example of this new technology is found in the Turtlelite, also made by LEDCORP.

This bulb also produces a corona or side beam; this allows a flashlight using this bulb to illuminate a wide area in front of the user. The width of this corona will depend on reflector size and how deep the bulb is inside the flashlight. When it was tested in a Mag Lite and focused tightly, it was shown to illuminate objects on a hotel rooftop at distances of 55 to 80 feet - at which point I ran out of roof.

LEDCORP's bulb
Close-up of the business end of this unique bulb.

Its brightness will depend a lot on what kind of flashlight you put it in, the type and shape of its reflector, and several other variables. It was designed specifically to go in a Mag-Lite brand flashlight, and will probably give you the best results in one.

LEDCORP's bulb
Bulb used in a Delta Light Coast Guard flashlight (Fulton Industries makes the flashlight)

LEDCORP's bulb LEDCORP's bulb
LEDCORP's bulb
Bulb used in a Mag-Lite.
Upper left (or top): Narrow focus.
Upper right (or center): Medium focus.
Bottom: Wide focus.

A resistor in the bulb base keeps the current down to 55mA or so, and gives maximum light without shortening LED life too much. LEDCORP bulbs last 70,000 hours anyway, so even if the LED is overpowered a small amount, this is still a very economical bulb to use, and should easily last a lifetime. In a flashlight that's only used now and again, you would probably never have to buy another, and you can put the thing in your will to pass along for future generations!

Bulb was tried in several flashlights, and it did perform best in a 3 D-cell Mag Lite.

UPDATE 08-11-00:
I was informed that versions are made for 4, 5, and 6 cell flashlights; and that - possibly - a model for 2-cell flashlights is in the works.
Newer bulbs are being made with a different sealant that helps keep the LED running cooler.

UPDATE 09-10-00:
The bulb continues to work just fine despite some pretty serious abuse. A flashlight using this bulb was quite literally destroyed, yet when I pried the LEDCORP bulb out of its cold, dead receptacle, it worked like new in a replacement flashlight.

UPDATE 10-20-00:
I have been asked on several occasions just what did happen to the flashlight mentioned directly above. So to appease the masses, here ya go:
On September 10th, the LEDCORP Bulb was being used in a 3-cell plastic flashlight. During the installation of a cash register, the flashlight was knocked to the floor and rolled under the wheels of my motorized wheelchair, where it was quickly forgotten about - until I needed the chair to go to the store. The flashlight was then crushed quite handily as I throttled up the chair and headed for the door. It was like running over a cat, but without the terrible squealing & screeching. The poor innocent flashlight only produced some sickening crunching & popping sounds as the 10" knobby wheelchair tires mercilessly ground it into the rug.
The LEDCORP bulb continues to work as new in my 3-D Mag Lite.

UPDATE 05-13-01:
For those who need screw base lamps, they are now available for the same price as the PR flange base types. This is the same Turtlelite lamp you've come to know and love, only now it fits your Petzl and other screw base flashlights!

A two LED version in both regular PR and screw bases is also available - this lamp performs exactly like the Turtlelight II when used in a light with a faceted reflector.

Updates to this review will be posted as they occur.

Unique technology, focusable beam when used in a focusable flashlight, pure white color doesn't degrade with low batteries, corona beam allows the flashlight to be used for walking despite a narrower than average main beam.

Cannot yet be used in 2-cell flashlights.

          PRODUCT TYPE: Replacement flange base PR lamp
          LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm, specially ground, white
          No. OF LAMPS: 1
          BEAM TYPE: Varies depending on usage
          SWITCH TYPE: N/A
          BEZEL: N/A
          BATTERY: 3 1.5V cells of any type or size
          CURRENT CONSUMPTION: 45-55 milliamps
          WATER RESISTANT: Yes, but not recommended
          SUBMERSIBLE: Only if flashlight it is used in is
          ACCESSORIES: None
          WARRANTY: Ten years

                PRODUCT RATING:

                DURABILITY: 10
                BRIGHTNESS: 10
                USEABILITY: 8
                BATTERY LIFE: 10
                BATTERY AVAILABILITY: 10

                OVERALL SCORE: 48

LEDCORP Replacement PR bulb * URL no longer valid

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