Quantum 2000

Quantum 2000, retail $35.00 (http://www.energyoutfitters.com/utilight.htm)
Manufactured by Energy Outfitters (http://www.energyoutfitters.com)
Last updated November 01 2000

LED Light

The Quantum 2000 is a big rubber 4-cell, 2-LED white LED flashlght.
The mostly black flashlight has rubber armour all the way around; with only the lens-end being exposed.
A push-on, push-off switch makes it easy to use, and the 4 AA cells make it easy to live with.

To use the Quantum, unscrew the head and drop in 4 AA cells (see below). Screw the head back on, and you're good to go.
Press the switch until it clicks once to turn it on, and again to turn it off. Simplicity in its simplest form.

The flashlight uses two white LEDs to give a very bright white beam. The beam angle isn't all that wide, but it isn't narrow either. It is the perfect beam configuration for walking around at night, changing fuses during a power failure, or snooping around under the hood of your car.
The light is waterproof and it floats - although just barely.

Much like the Turtlelite, changing the batteries in a Quantum 2000 is a little more involved than with some other lights. Unscrew the large reflector head until it comes off, and dump the dead batteries in the nearest wall urinator. On second thought, please use the garbage or recycling bin instead. :)
The battery compartment has springs in the bottom of two of the cavities; insert an "AA" cell, button-side facing up in both of them. The other two cavities with no springs accept the batteries button-side down. There is a large plastic flange on the base of the reflector and you will see it has a notched side. Line the notched side up with the flashlight's switch and lower the head into place, then screw it back on snugly.
Both the flashlight body and the reflector flange have a white dot on them - line up the dots and the head should slip on and be ready to screw down.

Unless you have a set of NiMH rechargeable batteries, it is best you use standard zinc carbon cells with this light, and avoid alkalines.
The reason is because alkaline batteries are very hard on the particular LED bulb used in the Quantum. This has apparently been fixed with some of the newer Quantums, but a lot of older (early 2000) models are still out there and are likely still being sold.

This is another one of those nearly indestructible flashlights. With rubber armor covering it, a fall causes the light to harmlessly bounce around a little instead of shatter or crack like an unarmored plastic flashlight might.
It's a little heavier than the Turtlelite, and as a result, it has a slightly greater chance of actually becoming broken after a serious fall. But it should survive most normal bumps & bruises with impunity.

The Quantum is completely waterproof, and is a good choice to use outdoors, in foul weather, or in a marine environment where there is a chance it could end up overboard.
Because it floats, just break out the fishing net and scoop it out of the water if it takes a dive.

This light has two obvious weaknesses: the red plastic ring could possibly crack or break if the flashlight hits the ground just so. And, the small ring on its tail is molded into the soft rubber outer casing, and will very easily rip through if any significant stress is placed on it. I would not hang the flashlight from this nub if there is any chance at all that you or somebody else might accidentally pull on it instead of properly lifting it off whatever you hung it on.
Once this ring is torn through, it cannot be repaired or replaced and you have to live with what you did for the rest of your life.

Now, let's get to the good part: This flashlight kicks ass when it comes to producing light.
It outshined the Mini Trek by a factor of at least 2, and is brighter than any other white LED light I have in my possession (as of the time of this review), with the exception of the PAL and the Turtlelite because they have much narrower beams.
I think the Lightwave 2000 may have outshined the Quantum by a minor amount, but I do not have that flashlight and cannot do side-by-side testing.

The light has a small anti-roll fin, but other structural components on the surface actually stop the thing from rolling better than the fin does.

LED Light
Beam picture. Almost, but not quite as bright as a Turtlelite II.

Light was a loaner, so it wasn't seriously abused other than throwing it a few times.

Very bright for 2 LEDs, waterproof, floats, durable and tough.

Batteries may be difficult to change at night, light is heavy for its size.

          MANUFACTURER: Energy Outfitters
          PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld flashlight
          LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm, white
          No. OF LAMPS: 2
          BEAM TYPE: Central hot area, wide corona
          SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton on/off
          BEZEL: Rubberized with plastic window. Internal faceted reflector
          BATTERY: 4 AA cells
          CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Uknown / unable to measure
          WATER RESISTANT: Yes
          SUBMERSIBLE: Yes, depth rating unknown. Positive buoyancy
          ACCESSORIES: Unknown
          WARRANTY: Unknown

                PRODUCT RATING:

                DURABILITY: 10
                BRIGHTNESS: 10
                USEABILITY: 7 (clunky feel)
                BATTERY LIFE: 9
                BATTERY AVAILABILITY: 10

                OVERALL SCORE: 46


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