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The Rebel 2 is the latest offering from Brinkmann, maker of high quality police flashlights and other equipment. The Rebel 2 features four white LEDs focussed by special lenses; and is powered by a pair of "D" cells. You can select either 2 or 4 LEDs by twisting the head 1/4 turn, to suit the job. A thick rubber grip makes the light easy to grasp and hold onto, and a pushbutton switch is located on the barrel like you might find on a traditional metal flashlight.

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The Rebel 2 comes packaged in a sonic welded blister pack; you will probably need a razor knife or sharp scissors to slit it open. Once you install the batteries, it's ready to use.

To turn the Rebel 2 on, give the rubber button on the barrel a firm press; press it firmly again to turn it off. The switch has an audible and tactile "click" to it. It also doubles as an intermittent, silent signal switch just by pressing it in about halfway.

To change the number of LEDs lit (2 or 4), just twist the head 1/4 turn clockwise or counterclockwise. At the base of the head, you'll see two sets of raised dots. Turn the head so 4 dots are lined up with the switch, and all 4 LEDs will come on anytime you use the flashlight. Turn the head so that 2 dots are lined up with the switch, and 2 LEDs will come on anytime you use the flashlight. You can turn the head to change the number of LEDs lit whether or not the Rebel 2 is on or off.

The Rebel uses a pair of "D" cells, which are included in the package. To install them, unscrew & remove the tailcap, load the batteries into the flashlight with the button end facing the front of the light, then replace the tailcap.

Battery life is due to be measured.
Current usage was measured at 280mA with all four LEDs lit, and 179mA with two LEDs lit; using the provided batteries.

LED Light
The Rebel 2 is at least as tough as the original Rebel, and maybe a bit stronger, especially in the tail section where the original Rebel would sometimes break.

The new Rebel 2 is water resistant, but NOT waterproof - so don't throw it into a stream, lake, pond, river, oceanside, puddle, or any other body of water. A suction test on the rear of the flashlight does show some leakage, but I'm not sure where the leak is. I'm guessing it's either in the switch or the seam where the head turns; but I honestly don't know.

Unlike the original Rebel, the Rebel 2 can stand up on its tail, and light up a dark room by beaming its white goodness onto the ceiling. I'll have to wait until the sun goes down before I can really try this though.

The Rebel 2 should have the same kind of step-up inverters that the original Rebel used, so the 3 volts from a new set of batteries is increased to what the LEDs need - 3.6 to 3.8 volts. This should also mean that as the batteries get used up and their voltage drops, the LEDs still receive the higher voltage they need from the inverters. I don't think the inverters are CURRENT regulated, so there could still be some dimming as the batteries poop out. Only time will tell though.

It has a comfortable and secure feeling in the hand, in large part due to the rubber grippy material on the barrel.

LED Light
All four beams, 12" from the target.

LED Light
Two beams, 12" from the target.

LED Light
All four beams, about 5' from a wall.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrometer plot of the LED in this flashlight.
Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer on loan from WWW.TWO-CUBED.COM.

Sample was provided by a fan of The LED Museum in early June 2003.

UPDATE 01-19-04:
I have heard, through a third party source, that the Rebel 2 now comes with red and blue color filters that fit over the head of the flashlight to change the beam color. Whether this makes the flashlight more useful or not is entirely up to you to decide.
I do not have these filters, so I cannot test them.

Well-defined, reasonably bright beam (but not for a D cell light).
Uses cheap, easy to find batteries.
Reasonably long battery life
Feels comfortable & secure in the hand, thanks to that rubber grip.

Very large for a 4-LED light
Heavy for a 4-LED light
Not submersible
For a D cell light, it could be brighter

      MANUFACTURER: Brinkmann
      PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld flashlight
      LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm white
      No. OF LAMPS: 4
      BEAM TYPE: Circular with sharply defined perimeter
      SWITCH TYPE: Rubberized pushbutton on barrel
      BEZEL: Integral reflectors and magnifying optics
      BATTERY: 2 D cells
      CURRENT CONSUMPTION: 280mA (4 LEDs), 179mA (2 LEDs)
      SUBMERSIBLE: Unknown
      ACCESSORIES: Two Energizer "D" cells
      WARRANTY: Lifetime, excluding the rubber grip and intentional abuse.


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