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Last updated 09-21-02

The Responder 4 AA cell headlamp is, well, a 4 AA headlamp. Built from a sturdy, chemical-resistant material, it is submersible to 100 feet and is UL listed for use in hazardous environments. While the unit I'm testing is equipped with an LED lamp, it can also be used with an incandescent PR-base bulb for added versatility when you must have the extra brightness provided by a regular bulb.
The sample came equipped with an elastic cloth headband with a 3-point attachment.

After you load the batteries, you'll need to affix the strap. On the headband plate at the back of the light, you'll see three slots with openings at the center of each. Thread the loops at the end of the headband into these attachment points, and use the buckles to adjust the Responder to whatever tightness is comfortable to you.

Pressing the rubberized button on the right side of the case to turn the light on and off. The unit can be focused by turning the rubberized bezel. The unit can be adjusted to point farther up or down by use of a ratcheting mechanism; each stop is announced with a loud "snap" and the light will stay where you set it until you decide otherwise.

Test-fitting the Responder.

To change the batteries, ratchet out the headband assembly to expose the back of the light. Lift up on the catch and swing the battery door/switch assembly open. The entire piece will come off; this is supposed to happen. Insert 4 AA cells, following the polarity diagram on the inside of the battery case. Do not rely on what the springs look like; they aren't in the conventional arrangement in this light.

Hook the hinge on the rounded edge of the battery door into the receptacle on the front edge of the light, then swing it down and press until the latch snaps in place. This seals the light from moisture, so be sure it snaps together properly before using it.

Like the Division 2 Responder I tested last summer, the Responder headlamp appears to be of durable construction. The polyethylene type plastic it is made from is very thick, and will absorb impacts (even from sharp objects) rather than shattering. Think of a Hefty garbage bag that's about 2,000 mil thick. Nothing's gonna break that sucker. The case is chemical resistant, so common hazards like oil and gasoline won't make it melt into a smelly useless puddle in your driveway. If it does happen to become broken, the USA-made light comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Unlike the Division 2 Responder I tested, the new Responder 4AA Headlamp is waterproof, and is submersible to 100 feet. This means if it falls in the toilet, just wash it off and it'll be as good as new. Rain, snow, or slush won't stop the Responder from responding when you need it most, and it will stay dry inside if you douche out while crossing a creek.

The headband assembly was easy to affix to the light and easy to adjust to my noggin. The portion of the light that contacts your head is padded with a thick, rubbery foam cushion, so nothing pokes or jabs you while wearing the Responder. The head strap goes on and off the light easily, so you can just toss it in the washingmachine when it starts to stink. I'd probably wash this in a hoisery bag. If you don't have one, put it in an old pair of panty hose and throw that in the washer.

The Responder is certified for use in hazardous locations, both with the LED bulb (LEDPR4), and with three types of incandescents (XPR4AA, KPR113, and PR13).

UL & CSA certs:
Class 1, Division 2, Group A,B,C,D
Class 2, Division 2, Group G
Operating Temp. Code T3

MSHA certs:
"Approved for use as mining equipment 10C-642-0"

The beam from the Responder 4AA is adjustable from a tight spot to a wide flood. When using the LED bulb, this product performs best as a light for close-up work, but you can twist it to a tight focus to look at something farther away if needed.

Beam photo from close range & focused at infinity.

Narrow beam projecting about 15 feet onto a cinderblock structural support.

Unit set to widest focus and positioned approx. 18" from the target.
The Responder with LED bulb works best when used for close-up chores.

Light was received in early September. I apologise for the delay; other obligations took precedence for about a 1-month period that began in mid-August.

UPDATE: 00-00-00



    MANUFACTURER: Koehler-Bright Star
    PRODUCT TYPE: Headlamp
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Adjustable
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton on/off
    BEZEL: Rubberized bezel with clear window & smooth reflector
    BATTERY: 4x AA cell
    SUBMERSIBLE: Yes, to 100 feet
    ACCESSORIES: Head strap
    WARRANTY: Lifetime guarantee


    Star Rating

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