InReTech 400nm NUV STRIPLED, retail $100
Manufactured by InReTech
Last updated 02-15-07

This website isn't all about flashlights, see? I've reviewed products like the ColorDial, the Skyliner, the C75 fixture, the Fiber Optic Halloween Lamp, an argon-ion laser, and a number of other non-flashlight LED and non-LED lighting products. So I wasn't that shocked when I found the STRIPLED meowing at my doorstep this morning.
O wait!!! Cats make that meowing sound; STRIPLEDs don't. ;-)

The 400nm NUV STRIPLED is the newest product in InReTech's arsenal. It is a long strip containing 63 LEDs, and it connects to any 12 volt DC power source that can deliver at least 600mA. The unit came to me affixed to a 22" by 1/4" by 1/2" acrylic strip. The STRIPLED is prepped with approximately 4 feet of wire leads, with the ends already terminated in polarised APP (Anderson Power Pole) connectors.

Just so you know, the model I'm testing today is the 400nm NUV LED model, with the PC board fastened to a 22"L by 1/2"W by 1/4"D strip of clear acrylic.

The light runs off an external 12 volts DC "wall-wart" (optional) and has no on/off switch, it only draws 4 watts.

The unit connects to any 12 volt DC power source that can deliver at least 600mA. The positive (+) lead has grey stripes along its length; the negative (-) lead has no markings on it. The leads are terminated in polarised (color-coded) APP connectors.

Since this product runs from a 120VAC (or 240VAC) to 12VDC transformer, this section can and will be skipped.
I used a +12 volts 3 amps switching power supply for these tests.

Unit draws 418 milliamps.
Meter was set on the 4A scale to help minimise shunt resistance error and provide a +-1mA resolution.

This works out to about 19.90mA per LED.

The 400nm NUV (violet) LEDs in the STRIPLED were carefully chosen to have the same brightness and tint as one another, so there are no differences in brightness or tint anywhere in the "beam".

There are two spots you can solder wires to on the other end of the PCB; this allows you to "daisy chain" multiple STRIPLED units together, end to end, without having the long lead-in wires getting in the way in a multiple installation like this.
As the board is facing up toward you with the lead-in wires to the left and the empty power receptacles to the right, the positive (+) connection is on the top, and the negative (-) connection is on the bottom.

The STRIPLED was originally designed to go inside a gun safe, but you can use them anywhere you want a strip or multiple strips of light. You can aim them straight up or out to the side; the positioning of the unit is all up to you. A particularly good use for this version is to illuminate mineral display cases when there are fluorescent (UVA) minerals in it.

The warranty period is 1 year, and is void if you exceed the recommended voltage (12 volts DC) of the unit.

Maximum temperature on the STRIPLED unit after ~6 hours of continuous operation was measured at 107F (41.7C) using a non-contact IR thermometer. This temperature was measured on a resistor, not the LEDs or the PCB or the acrylic mounting. This is quite cool, as electronic stuff goes, and is nothing whatsoever to be concerned about.

This version of the STRIPLED produces significant amounts of UVA radiation, which is not very good for your eyes. DO NOT stare into this version of the STRIPLED when it's on. You only come with one set of eyeballs, and if you ruin them, you can't just go to the local 7-11 for some "Eyeballs-In-A-Can" and pop some new ones in. In another 1,000 years maybe, but not now.

Picture of four vaseline glass marbles and a specimen of sodalite fluorescing.
Photograph was taken at approximately 8" on the seat of a nonreactive grey chair.

Photograph of the "beam" at ~5'.
Wavelength is too short for me to obtain intensity measurements or run through the ProMetric.

Neither of these photographs have that brilliant magenta color to them.
The color is a dim, deep royal purple to the unaided eye.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrometer plot of the LEDs in this product.
Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer on loan from WWW.TWO-CUBED.COM.

Test unit was received on 10-05-04. Thank you Mike!!!

UPDATE: 11-16-04
I have been using the 400nm STRIPLED 'round the clock (24/7) since approximately 10-11-04, and have no failures or malfunctions to report.

UPDATE: 03-06-06
InReTECH is now closing its doors because the owner can no longer keep it operational. This and all other InReTECH web pages will be kept available for the benefit of current InReTECH product owners.

LEDs driven *just below* recommendations; should have decent life
Very bright for a NUV LED product
No seperate lenses to become scratched or broken
Lead-in wires are of a generous length

Not waterproof or submersible - but this product wasn't designed for that anyway
Not regulated - but this product doesn't need to be anyway. Will not affect rating!

    PRODUCT TYPE: LED Accent Lighting Device
    LAMP TYPE: 5mm violet LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 63
    BEAM TYPE: Central hot area with wide but dim corona
    BEZEL: N/A
    ACCESSORIES: None that I'm aware of
    WARRANTY: 1 Year


    Star RatingStar RatingStar Rating

    (there is no star rating for an *almost* perfect score)


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