Inova T2 Flashlight, retail $~40 (
Manufactured by Inova (
Last updated 07-11-08

The Inova T2 is a fairly small, almost all-aluminum flashlight that has a Luxeon III LED in its business-end, and uses two CR123A lithium camera cells to power that LED.

The body of the flashlight is black anodized aluminum, which is texturised to aid in grip.


To use the Inova T2, just grab it, push the rubberised tailcap button in until it clicks and then release it, and you've got light.

Press and release the tailcap button the same way, and you've got dark.

To use it in momentary or signalling mode, press the tailcap button in part way and hold it that way for as long as you need light. Not until it clicks, otherwise you'll be in continuous mode. Release the button to turn the T2 back off.

To change the batteries in the T2, unscrew & remove the tailcap, throw it in the {vulgar term for feces}bowl, yank that silver handle on the front of the cistern down, and flush it away...O WAIT!!! YOU'LL NEED THAT!!! So just set it aside instead.

Tip the dead CR123A cells out of the barrel and dispose of or recycle them how you see fit. Lithiums don't like water, so don't throw the dead batteries in a full tub or try to flush them down the john.

Drop two new batteries in the barrel, button (+) end facing up. This is the opposite polarity of how the batteries are installed in most other flashlights, so please pay attention here. Screw the tailcap back on, and you're done with it.
Aren't you glad you didn't flush that tailcap away now?

Current consumption measures 245mA on my DMM's 4A scale.

Photograph of the T2's "business-end", showing the TIROS optic.
The optic resembles a {vulgar term for male urinator or inseminator; rhymes with "stick"}, so please do not disassemble your T2 just to examine this optic.

The Inova T2 is durable. I gave it my "new and improved" beat test (10 whacks against the corner of a concrete stair; five against the tailcap and five against the bezel), and no significant damage was caused. Some expected scuffing was evident on the side of the bezel and tailcap where it was struck, but no optical or electrical malfunctions occurred.

The Inova T2 is covered in a black Type II anodizing.
When I tried to scratch through the finish with the blade of a Swiss army knife, I was able to with some difficulty (I had to dig the blade of the knife in with a sense of purpose).
Would I really try to cut up a brand spanken new flashlight I paid good money for?
You bet your sugar-coated toilet muscle I would, if it's in the name of science!!!

The Inova T2 is weatherproof and highly water-resistant at minimum. When that dreadful suction test was performed on it, no air leakage was detected.

The barrel and tailcap of the T2 are covered with a square texturised pattern; this helps to aid in retention (the ability to hold the flashlight when your hands are cold, wet, or oily).

The light produced by the T2 is a pure white, with no yellow, blue, purple, or "rotten cat urine green" tint anywhere in it.

Beam photograph at ~12".
Measures 544,000mcd on a Meterman LM631 light meter.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of the LED in this flashlight.

Spectrographic plot
Another spectrographic analysis of the LED in this flashlight.
USB2000 spectrometer graciously donated by P.L.

Beam photograph at ~15'.
That red star thing is from an American DJ Laser Widow.

ProMetric analysis
Beam cross-sectional analysis.
Image made using the ProMetric System by Radiant Imaging.

Test unit was purchased on Ebay and was received on 12-06-04.

UPDATE: 12-24-04
That current draw of 245mA seemed low, so I remeasured it this morning.
245mA again.
So there's nothing out of sorts there at all.



    PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld flashlight
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Medium spot with dim corona
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton momentary/on/off on tailcap
    BEZEL: Metal; LED and optic protected by glass window
    BATTERY: 2xCR123A cells
    SUBMERSIBLE: Yes, depth not known
    ACCESSORIES: 2xCR123A cells
    WARRANTY: Limited lifetime


    Star Rating

Inova T2 Flashlight *

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