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Last updated 07-23-03

The ShoreLite Vx1 is a good looking, small plastic LED flashlight. The white LED is surrounded by a reflector, and has a lens in front of it to help focus its beam.

It has 4 brightness settings, plus off. These are easily accessed with a pair of rubberized pushbutton switches. What first appeared to me to be a short clip is actually a keyring loop, to which you can affix your own keyring if desired. Or you can just stuff it in your pants pocket and carry it that way.


To use the ShoreLite, press the frontmost button to turn it on. It always starts at maximum brightness. To dim the light, press the second button one, two, or three times. A fourth press of this button turns the ShoreLite off. If you are in one of the dimmer settings and want one of the brighter ones, you need to turn the ShoreLite all the way off and then turn it on again.

To change the battery in your ShoreLite, hold the flashlight so the tail end is facing up. Use your thumb or thumbnail to lift up on the tailring catch until the halves of the light start to come apart. (See this page for more information on this). Set the back half of the light aside. Remove the dead AAA cell, and dispose of it how you see fit. Install a new AAA cell, following the polarity markings silkscreened on the PCB at the bottom of the battery chamber. Now, place the back on the flashlight, aligning the end of the back piece with the flashlight head, and press the halves together until they snap into place.

This isn't something I'd want to do in total darkness, but it's not 100% impossible. If this was the only light I had on me, I could probably do it if I felt for the battery's (+) nipple before taking it out, and turning the ShoreLite on before putting the case halves back together.

The advertised runtimes range from 7 hours on its highest setting to 76 hours at its lowest setting.

This isn't a light I'd want to throw in the toilet, but it could probably survive. The ShoreLite has an O-ring on the head, and a rubbery gasket between the two halves. So it ought to do fine for most outdoor adventures, even if the weather turns crappy on you. Since this unit is a loaner from a website fan, and he probably wants it back dry, with no rat poop, and in one piece, destructive testing will not be done.

The beam in this sample is a bit funny looking, but you could easily get used to it if no other flashlight is available. A lens built into the end of the ShoreLite focuses the beam somewhat; but that focus is of the LED die, rather than the end of the LED like other lensed flashlights have. So, you'll get a somewhat "stealth bomber" shaped blue hotspot, surrounded by a greenish circle, surrounded by a thin white ring, surrounded by a dimmer white corona. Like I said, the beam is a bit funny looking, but it is something you can easily get used to.

Beam photo at ~12".
17,400mcd at full power
8,800mcd at setting #3
5,100mcd at setting #2
2,200mcd at setting #1
0mcd at setting #0 (that's "off", if you haven't guessed already!)

Sample was loaned to me for about a week by a Candlepower Forums member. Sample was received on 07-22-03, and added to the website on 07-23-03.

UPDATE: 00-00-00

Reasonably small
Half decent brightness for a 1 banger
Good looking case
Adjustable brightness

Switches are hard to use
Somewhat difficult battery change
Funny looking beam might take some getting used to

    MANUFACTURER: Shoreline Electronics
    PRODUCT TYPE: Small handheld flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: 5mm White LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Irregular; central blue hotspot with white surround
    SWITCH TYPE: Rubberized pushbuttons, digitally manipulated
    BEZEL: LED protected behind a lensed window
    BATTERY: 1x AAA cell
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    SUBMERSIBLE: Unknown
    WARRANTY: 3 years


    Star Rating

ShoreLite Vx1 *

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