Solar-Rechargeable LED House Numbers, retail $5.75 (
Manufactured by (Unknown), for Symmetry Co. (
Last updated 12-18-06

This is an LED-illuminated, solar rechargeable house number light. It uses numerals that are 3" (~7.5cm) in height, and each unit displays one numeral. I purchased three units to display "618".

They are designed to be screwed to the side of a house, a mailbox, a fence, or similar locations; and make your house more easy for fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency personnel to find at night.


Like all solar rechargeable products, the light needs to be charged before its first use. Eight hours in sunlight ought to do the trick here.

Slide one of the included plastic number films into each of the products (assuming you're using more than one unit) starting at the bottom of the white window.

Turn the unit upside-down, and pry that rubber switch cover off with the tip of a standard screwdriver or a fingernail. Slide the small switch in the opening to the left (as the unit is rightside-up and the front is facing away from you) - to the "ON" position as embossed just above the opening. Insert the rubber switch cover into the opening and push it in until it's nearly flush with the edge of the opening.

If you're using more than one, they will slide and lock together at their left & right sides.

Screw them into the surface of your choosing using the included screws. If screwing into drywall, drill small holes first (size not stated and not known) and insert the included drywall anchors before inserting and tightening the screws.

Insert the two screw hole covers into the openings directly over the screws, and press them until they're reasonably flush with the surface of the unit around these openings.

Once they're turned on, they're automatic. That is, the LED turns off at dawn, and turns on at dusk. There is a CdS (cadmium sulfide) photocell at the top of the solar cell. This is what tells the difference between dark and light, and its associated circuit switches the LED on and off as needed.

This product is solar rechargeable, and the user does not have to buy batteries for it, so this section will be largely skipped.

Just ensure the solar panel is exposed to sunlight for about eight hours a day, and the LEDs will light for up to eight hours at night.

These lighted address numbers seem reasonably sturdy, but they're NOT indestructible. Since they're meant to be placed somewhere and then not screwed with, I won't throw them, try to drown them in the john, kick them, smack them against a steel rod, sit on them, or otherwise abuse them like I might abuse a regular flashlight for the sake of this website. So this section of the web page will seem more bare than this section of the web page on a page about a flashlight.

Be sure to mount this product in a SUNNY location - a location that receives no less than eight hours of direct sunlight a day. On cloudy or overcast days, the life of the light at night may be shorter; the next sunny day will charge it fully.

Once you turn it on via the slide switch in the back, it is automatic. That is, the LED turns off at dawn, and turns on at dusk. There is a CdS (cadmium sulfide) photocell at the top of the solar cell. This is what tells the difference between dark and light, and its associated circuit switches the LED on and off as needed.

They aren't blindingly bright; but they're specifically meant to be seen at night, so their glow is quite soft and inoffensive.

The LED isn't really steady-on, the product uses a method called PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to pulse the LED with a duty cycle of approximately 20%. That is, the LED is on 20% of the time, and off 80% of the time. This was detected by waving the product about rapidly; the strobing was then apparent. Using PWM helps to extend battery life - this is why it was implemented here.

Picture of three of the units, displaying our house number.
Photograph makes them look brighter than they really are.

My address is plastered all over this website, so
I do not mind displaying the house number here.

Photograph taken at 6:26pm PDT 09-02-06.

Photograph taken at 8:04pm PDT 09-02-06.

The brightness of the product is more accurately represented
here than it is shown in the photograph above the previous one.

Test unit was purchased on Ebay on 08-27-06, and was received on the afternoon of 09-01-06.

These solar-rechargeable house number lights come in five LED colors: yellow, red, blue, white and green.

Product was made in China. A product's country of origin really does matter to some people, which is why I published it on this web page.

UPDATE: 09-04-06
These products do not charge properly in the shade; I moved them so they will receive at least *SOME* direct sunlight between approximately 3:00pm and 4:00pm PDT. This is the best I can do at my present location.

UPDATE: 09-04-06
No, you aren't seeing things.
Yes, a same-day update.
I tried to take another photograph of these lighted numbers in their new location this evening; they were significantly dimmer than they were the night before last, so I turned them off and will allow them to charge for a day or two before making another attempt.

UPDATE: 09-08-06

Here is a photograph of the products in their new location.
Photograph taken at 7:49pm PDT 09-08-06.

UPDATE: 09-09-06

Here is another photograph of the products in their new location.
Photograph taken at 8:29am PDT 09-09-06.

UPDATE: 12-18-06
I have decided to assign a rating of 4 stars.
The two things that derated it are (in my opinion):

1: Intensity could be just a little greater. There goes half a star.
2: Runtime could be increased by another hour or two. And there goes the other half.

No need to fuss with batteries or blubs
No need to remember to turn them on in the evening & off in the morning

Intensity could be a little higher
Runtime could be a little longer

    MANUFACTURER: Unknown, for Symmetry Co.
    PRODUCT TYPE: LED house number lights
    LAMP TYPE: LED, color varies with what you order
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    SWITCH TYPE: Slide switch on/off on back
    BEZEL: LED protected by plastic window
    BATTERY: Two, possibly size AAA, chemistry unknown
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unable to measure
    WATER RESISTANT: Yes, weather-resistant at minimum
    SUBMERSIBLE: Unknown (probably not)
    ACCESSORIES: Numerals 0-9, two screws, two anchors, two screw hole covers
    WARRANTY: Unknown/TBA


    Star Rating

Solar-rechargeable LED House Number Lights *

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