Energizer LED Penlight, retail $TBA (http://www.energizer.com)
Manufactured by Energizer Battery Co.
Last updated: 09-14-06

LED Light

This is an updated version of the classic Energizer incandescent penlight. Instead of an incandescent bulb, the new penlight features a brilliant white LED and an inverter circuit inside, so the unit can still be powered by two AAA cells.

It comes in an almost all-metal housing, and has a slightly rubbery-feeling pushbutton click switch on the tailcap to turn it on and off.


To use the penlight, feed it first (see directly below), and then you can go paint the town red...or in this case, white.

Press the button on the tailcap fairly firmly until it clicks and then release it to turn it on.
Repeat the same process to turn it off.

There is no momentary or signalling mode available when the penlight is off, however, you can blink the penlight while it is on by partially depressing the tailcap button. If you don't mind the backward or reverse feeling of this, you can blink the penlight this way.

When you first remove the penlight and its two included AAA cells out of the package, unscrew & remove the tailcap, and dump the long, transparent cylinder out of the barrel. Dispose of or recycle it as you see fit. If you're changing an existing set of batteries, dump them out of the barrel, and dispose of or recycle them as you see fit.

Insert two new AAA cells into the barrel, button-end (+) positive first.

Screw the tailcap back onto the barrel, and there, that's all there is to it.

Current usage measures 104.2mA on my DMM's 400mA scale.

The product is not submersible. It failed "The Suction Test" rather miserably. There are no environmental seals (O-rings) visible on it, so water, milk, diet Pepsi, coffee, urine, root beer, or other liquids could get inside. So please try not to drop it in creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes, oceansides, docksides, puddles of black laborador pee, glasses of milk, slush piles, mud puddles, tubs, root beer floats, toilet bowls, cisterns, sinks, cups of coffee, fishtanks, dog water dishes, old yucky wet mops, wall-mounted porcelain urinators, or other places where water or water-like liquids might be found. A little rain or snow probably wouldn't hurt it though, so you need not be too concerned about using it in lightly bad weather.

If it fell in water and you suspect it got flooded, disassemble it as you would for a battery change, dump out the water if necessary, and set the parts in a warm dry place for a day or so just to be sure it's completely dry inside before you reassemble and use it again.

If it fell into seawater, got thrown into a glass of milk, fell in a root beer float, or if somebody or something peed on it, douche all the parts out with fresh water before setting them out to dry. You don't want your flashlight to smell like seaweed, sour milk, or piss when you go to use it next. Besides, salt (from seawater or urination), lactic acid (from moo juice), or sugar (from root beer & ice cream) can't be very good for the power inverter or the electrical contacts inside.

The penlight looks reasonably durable...but O NOOOOOO!!! IT'S NOT!!!
When I beat the living tweedle out of it (ten whacks against the concrete floor of a patio; five whacks against the side of the tailcap and five whacks against the side of the bezel), it became broken!!!

LED Light
See how the tailcap has broken off?
I was able to repair it, at least temporarily, but it appears as though the threads on the tailcap have become rather stripped.
It works if I handle it normally, but the tailcap pops off with even a very short (~6") fall to the floor.

The light produced by this penlight consists of a bluish-tinted white hotspot surrounded by a more pure white (hardly any blue tint) corona. This is perfectly normal for a white LED, and is nothing whatsoever to be concerned about.

What does concern me though, is its apparent fragility. The "feline flagellated stool sample female parent screwer" (toilet words replaced with innocous ones - the correct acronym is PWPOSMF) should not have become broken in the manner it has.

Since it still actually works, I won't issue that much coveted (cough, sputter, sound of a wall-mounted porcelain urinator flushing) "0 Stars - Whip Out Your Ding-Dong or Sit on the Commode and Go Wee-Wee On It" award. Not yet, anyway.

I don't think Energizer would honour their lifetime warranty if they knew I abused the product to near-destruction.

LED Light
Beam photograph on the test target at 12".
Measures 55,600mcd on a Meterman LM631 light meter.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrometer plot of the LED in this flashlight.
Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer on loan from TWO-CUBED.


Light was found at an out-of-state Wall-Mart, and was purchased for me by a Candlepower Forums member. Wall-Mart is where you should look if you have one in your area.

UPDATE: 09-14-06
The switch on the unit has failed (this would be considered a "critical failure" because it renders the flashlight totally inoperative), so I have issued that dreadful "0 Stars - Whip Out Your Ding-Dong or Sit on the Commode and Urinate On It" rating.



    MANUFACTURER: Energizer
    PRODUCT TYPE: Penlight-type flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: LED, White, 5mm
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Medium spot w/dimmer corona
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton on/off on tailcap
    BEZEL: Metal; LED slightly recessed into hosel for it
    BATTERY: 2xAAA cells
    WATER RESISTANT: Light weather resistance only
    ACCESSORIES: 2xAAA cells
    WARRANTY: Lifetime, except bulb


    Star Rating

Energizer LED Penlight * WWW.ENERGIZER.COM

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