Sauce LightSprite

Sauce LightSprite
Color Kinetics, 'Sauce' consumer products, price $25 from the Glow Bug

Last Updated: 08-17-09

Color-changing Light

The Sauce LightSprite is the baby brother to the larger LightWasher accent light. It features three LEDs, and its different programs can be accessed using a handy wheel & a pushbutton.

The little Sprite is the perfect size & brightness to use as a cool color changing nightlight. It plugs directly into a 120VAC outlet, and splashes your wall & ceiling with ever changing colors while using just 3 watts of power - less than half the power used by an ordinary nightlight!

Size size

The LightSprite comes in an attractive, but once again difficult to open retail blister pack. Remove your LightSprite from the package, and once again (to steal a phrase from a popular TV commercial), plug it in, plug it in!!

The LightSprite has five different modes (four actually do something) and several effects you can apply to each mode. To access these modes, just push the button.
  • Color wash - smoothly cycles through the rainbow.
  • Random color - flashes random colors on your walls.
  • Fixed color - the LightWasher stays a single color of your choosing.
  • Dimmer - the unit glows a whitish cyan color that can be set to a brightness of your choosing.
  • Off - Turns the unit off.

Press the button once for color wash, twice for random, three times for fixed color, four times for dimmer; the fifth press turns it off.
Once you have a mode you want, rotating the small wheel on the front of the case changes the effect on that mode. The changing of an effect is announced by the light very briefly winking off, this lets you know to be ready to quit turning the wheel when you reach an effect you like, or continue spinning until your desired effect does come up.

The single button/wheel combination is a quick and easy control method, and requires no training and no fussing with rows of tiny DIP switches.

Since the LightSprite plugs in, there will be no discussion about batteries.

This is an interesting and eye-catching little light.
Plug it in anywhere you want some color in your life: the bedroom, bathroom, living room, den, hallway, or wherever you have an outlet and a need to be creative.
Do you have a dull dorm room? Put one or two of these in there and say goodbye to your dreary surroundings for good.
Liven up parties and holidays, perk up that colorless can, or spice up that dreary, windowless kitchen like so many of us apartment dwellers have.

Since this is not meant to be a portable product like a flashlight, some of the "punishments" they receive will not be bestowed upon the LightSprite. Treat this guy as you would a nice nightlight, and it should reward you with many years of cheerful, colorful lighting effects.

It is not water resistant, so keep it away from splashing sinks, stoves, showers, tubs, garden hoses, lawn sprinklers, and other sources of splashing water.
If it falls in the toilet, you're probably screwed. If you're too embarassed to send it back, the best thing you can do is open it up, run fresh water through it, and set all the pieces in a warm place to dry for about a week. Then put it back together. It should be fine after that.

The LightSprite uses 3 LEDs (1 red, 1 green, and 1 blue) to cast its soft and gentle glow. A transluscent plastic window spreads and diffuses the light so the colors mix properly.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of the product emitting red light.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of the product emitting green light.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of the product emitting blue light.
USB2000 spectrometer graciously donated by P.L.

One feature I like is that you can adjust the various effects with the small thumbwheel or dial, rather than having to push & hold in a button.
This wheel allows you to dial in - exactly - the specific color you want (in Fixed Color mode) and the exact brightness you want (in Dimmer mode).

When the Sprite is first put in Dimmer mode, it is at full brightness. Spinning the dial either way dims, reversing the direction of spin brightens it back up. YOU can choose how bright YOU want it, and not have to settle for just two or three "factory" settings.

When your LightSprite is set in Fixed Color mode, use the wheel to change the color to whatever suits your fancy. Did you just spin the dial too far and miss your color? No problem - just spin it the other way a bit and the light "backs up". (It also behaves this way in Dimmer mode). You don't have to cycle through every color again with this handy wheel at your fingertips.

For Color Wash and Random Color, the wheel adjusts the speed of each effect; you can make the colors change faster or slower to suit your wishes. With these two effects, it does not matter what direction you turn the wheel; the effect will change the same way regardless; but it IS speed-sensitive, so you can give it a fast spin and not have to wait like you would with a single-button control.


I've been life-testing this eyepopping light for the last month or two, and it is behaving itself so far. Testing will continue.
The LightSprite comes in several cheerful body colors, including transluscent purple, transluscent orange, transluscent red (all with "sparklies"), and a sleek matte black finish.

These are for INDOOR use only, and must not be used on a dimmer circuit. As with any nightlight, plug them in only in an exposed outlet, not one covered by curtains, blankets, or piles of dirty clothes.

The LightSprite has been found on a website called the Glow Bug. They've been selling at $25 apiece. They're also available in other places where Sauce products are sold; a list of these can be found on my review of the LightWasher.

Any updates related to this review will be posted as they happen.

Good looking case
Easy to learn & use
Brightness appropriate for intended use

Not waterproof, so avoid dropping in sinks, tubs, and toilets. Use the same care as you would with any AC powered appliance. :)
If used in a bathroom, plug into a GFI (ground fault interruptor) outlet.
CANNOT use on a dimmer circuit.
Does not produce white light in its adjustable brightness mode.


        DURABILITY: 8
        BRIGHTNESS: 5*
        USEABILITY: 7**

        Star rating

      *   Light is not supposed to be bright! It's a nightlight.
      ** Cannot use on dimmer circuit

Sauce LightSprite * WWW.CKSAUCE.COM

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