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Last updated: 08-22-07

LED Light

(In reference to the large envelope I received from a website fan at ~2:33pm PDT on 08-20-07):
{sung like the Foreigner song "Feels Like the First Time"}
Feels like a flaaaaaash-liiiight...feels like a FLAAAA-aaaash-liiiight!!!
Feels like a flaaaaaash-liiiight...feels like a FLAAAA-aaaash-liiiight!!!


The Energizer LED Flashlight is an adjustable beam LED flashlight that uses a high powered white LED at the bottom of a mirror smooth reflector to produce its light. It feeds from two AA cells, and comes in an all-aluminum body.

I'm as of yet unsure who makes the LED in this flashlight, but I'm certain that it is a high powered unit capable of dissipating at least one watt.
(Update 08-22-07): I have been made aware that it is a very high probability that the LED is Cree in origin; I cannot verify this however.

Because this flashlight uses two AA cells (~3.0 volts) and white LEDs require a little more than that (~3.6 to ~3.8 volts), there is almost certainly a DC-DC inverter circuit in the bezel (head). Let me go check it with an oscilloscope and see what happens...BBS...
Ok, I was not able to detect pulses from an inverter, but those pulses could very well be higer in frequency than the white LED's phosphor decay rate.

* The price of $29.88 is for TWO flashlights, not one.


To use the flashlight, feed it the included AA cells first (see directly below), and then you can go paint the town red...or in this case, white.

Press the button on the tailcap fairly firmly until it clicks and then release it to turn it on.
Repeat the same process to turn it off.

There is no significant tactile ("click") sensation when the switch is actuated, though if the tail of the light is held close to the ear, a faint clicking sound may be heard when turning the flashlight on & off.

You can blink the flashlight while it is off by partially depressing the tailcap button and holding it that way for as long as you need light. Release it to turn the flashlight off. Ths is momentary or "signalling" mode.

The beam is adjustable from a medium spot to a wide spot (with the "doughnut hole" characteristic of smooth reflectored adjustable beam flashlights) by turning the bezel (head) counterclockwise or clockwise.

The bezel can be unscrewed and removed entirely to use the flashlight in candle mode, but the unit will not stand on its tail unsupported.
In this case, inserting it into a full toylet roll or similar article (with a fairly large diameter and a hole in the center) will do the job.
Here, let's get a photograph and show you that way...snap...click...and it's off to the Fotomat we go...

LED Light
The flashlight stood up in some "rollios" (as Beavis & Butt-Head might have called them).
As you can see, it was turned on for this photograph.

To change the batteries when necessary, unscrew & remove the tailcap, gently place it on the ground, and kick it into the garden so the hungry, hungry praying mantids will think it's something yummy for their insect tummies and subsequently strike at it...O WAIT!!! YOU'LL NEED THAT!!! So just set it aside instead.

Tip out the used up old AA cells from the barrel, and dispose of or recycle them as you see fit.

Insert two new AA cells into the barrel, button-end (+) positive first.

Screw the tailcap back onto the barrel, and there, that's all there is to it.
Aren't you glad you didn't kick that tailcap into the garden with all those hungry, hungry praying mantids now?

Here is what a praying mantis looks like.
I found this guy on the morning of 09-08-06 clinging to the basket of my scooter.

Current usage measures 295.7mA on my DMM's 400mA scale.

This flashlight appears at least fairly durable, and it is!!! When I performed that terrible smack test on it (ten whacks against the concrete floor of a patio: 5 smacks against the side of the bezel and 5 smacks against the side of the tailcap, and a short "press & pull" downward against the side of the bezel against concrete), only very, very minor damage was found. There is some extremely minor gouging to the bare Metalveedramon - er - the bare Metalbeetlemon - um that's not it either...the bare Metalburninggreymon...er...uh...wait a sec here...THE BARE METAL (guess I've been watching too much Digimon again! Now I'm just making {vulgar term for poop} up!!! ) on the sides of the tailcap & bezel where it was struck, and a gouge to the bare metal where it was dragged. No optical, electrical, or mechanical malfunctions were detected.

The flashlight appears to be covered in a Type II anodized finish, so it should stay newer looking longer when kept in a toolbox or carried with keys, coins, or other flashlights. "Longer" that is, than a flashlight that's been powder-coated.

The instructional materials claim "waterproof"; let's test that with "The Suction Test" and see what happens...ok, it held a good partial "vaccuummnne" (vacumn, vacume, vaccum, vacuum, etc.) from both the barrel and the tailcap. So, weatherproof at absolute minimum, and probably submersible to shallow depths at least. There are three O-rings on the barrel - two at the bezel (head) and one at the tailcap (tailcap) that serve to seal out mud, pop, coffee, pee, water, etc. and keep them outside the flashlight where they belong. So you need not be concerned about using it in rainy or snowy weather, and shallow water landings should not kill it either. And if it fell next to the mailbox and the dog lifted his leg on it, just douche it off with the garden hose or take the faucet to it...er...uh...run it under the faucet - good as new.

Just for {vulgar term for multiple feces} and giggles, let's try "The Toliet Test" and see what happens...

The Toliet Test
And here's proof that I really performed that test.
Note that I used the clean part of the commode (the cistern), not the bowl.
After letting it sit in ~1 foot of water at 76F (24.4C) for one minute, I dried the outside off with some bungwipe, and examined the insides. No water entry was detected.

LED Light
Beam photograph (narrow focus) on the test target at 12".
Measures 1,728,000mcd on a Meterman LM631 light meter.

LED Light
Beam photograph (wide focus) on the test target at 12".
Measures 118,900mcd on a Meterman LM631 light meter.

In both of these photographs, I intentionally failed to crop them so that the spill beam would be visible.

LED Light

LED Light

LED Light
The three photographs of the LED module directly above were taken by and used with permission of the photographer B.H.

LED Light
Beam photograph (narrow focus) on a wall at ~10'.

Those rectangular graphic things in the upper left quadrant of this photograph are marquees from:

Nintendo ''R-Type''
Super Tiger...er...uh...Konami ''Super Cobra''
Midway ''Omega Race''
Sega ''Star Trek''
Williams ''Joust''
Venture Line ''Looping''
Universal ''Mr. Do!'s Castle''
Jaleco ''Exerion''
Gremlin/Sega ''Astro Blaster''
Atari ''Tempest''
Gottlieb ''Q*bert''

upright coin-op arcade video games from the 1980s.

That graphic toward the right is:
A "BIG SCARY LASER" poster sent by www.megagreen.co.uk

And that clock to the right of the "Big Scary Laser" poster is an Infinity Optics Clock.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrometer plot of the LED in this flashlight.
Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer on loan from TWO-CUBED.

ProMetric analysis
Beam cross-sectional analysis (narrow focus).

ProMetric analysis
Beam cross-sectional analysis (wide focus).
Images made using the ProMetric System by Radiant Imaging.


Test unit was sent by a website fan on 08-16-07, and was received on the afternoon of 08-20-07.

Product was made in China.
A product's country of origin really does matter to some people, which is why I published it on this web page.

UPDATE: 00-00-00



    MANUFACTURER: Energizer
    PRODUCT TYPE: Small handheld flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: White 1W high-powered LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Variable, depending on focus - some variation of spot w/wide corona
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton on/off on tailcap
    BEZEL: Metal; LED & reflector protected by plastic window
    BATTERY: 2xAA cells
    SUBMERSIBLE: Yes, to shallow depths at minimum
    ACCESSORIES: 4xAA cells (there are two lights in the package)
    WARRANTY: Lifetime, except bulb


    Star Rating

Energizer LED Flashlight * www.samsclub.com...

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