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Halloween 'Tin Witch' Lava Lamp, retail $7.99 (Found at Wallgreens Drugs)
Distributed by Sienna LLC (No website known)
Last updated 10-31-04

The Halloween "Tin Witch" Lava Lamp is an AC-powered lamp that uses a C7 1/2 bulb and plugs into the wall. It has a metal base, a metal top, and a round clear glass bottle or globe in the center that has a thick, transparent orange liquid with small, shiny plastic "sparklies" floating around in it.

When the lamp is put together correctly, it emits a soft, orange glow from the globe, and a white light from some star-shaped cutouts in its base.

The lamp *could* be viewed as "scary", but I don't think you'll find any pee in the front yard from trick-or-treaters scared by the lamp. It is actually quite pleasant to look at, even though it's in the shape of a jack-o-lantern wearing a witch's outfit.

To get the lamp set up and working, follow these directions:

Open the box, and slide the styrofoam thing out, so the larger portion is facing downward. Remove the bulb & cord assembly, the glass globe, the hat, and the base; and take the plastic off of them. In the metal lamp base, either folded or crunched up inside, you'll find one sheet of instructions, and one sheet of general warnings. Remove these, and set them aside. There is also a small pouch of bubble wrap around the light bulb and a twist-tie around the cord. Remove these.

Choose a place where you want this lamp to go, and bring all the parts there. I don't know what's inside that glass globe, and I don't want to even know. Suffice it to say, don't drop it, or you'll have a real mess to clean up. It's probably not all stinky like cat crap on the rug, but I still think it would be messy.

Take the bulb assembly and push it straight into the large round hole on the lamp base. According to the directions, you should orient the cord on the bulb socket so it's aiming up (do this by turning the bulb assembly). Now, place the glass globe onto the base, with the pumpkin face facing outward. The large, flat side goes downward, so the pumpkin face is right-side up and smiling.

Put the "hat" on top of the light's globe. I have mine oriented so the top is pointed to the right. I believe you can also put it on so the top faces to the left (as you're facing the lamp) if you desire.

By this time, you should have no parts left over. Plug the plug into any standard 120VAC outlet, and turn the switch (found on the cord itself) until it clicks to turn the light on. Turn the switch until it clicks again to turn it off. Just like the shampoopoo (or shampee) bottle reads, "lather, rinse, repeat".

Because this product is AC powered, this section can be skipped.

The most delicate part of this lamp is the glass bottle or globe; you most *definitely* don't want to drop it or knock it on the floor. I don't know what's in there, but suffice it to say it's probably pretty messy, so you don't want this stuff on the rug or floor.

Because this is a lamp meant to be put somewhere and not touched, I won't try to slam it against a steel rod, flush it down a toilet, run over it, stomp on it, or have it endure other indecencies that a regular flashlight might have to go through.

I just bought this lamp (10-26-03), so I don't have a lot of information for this page right this second.

Picture showing the lamp lit.

I set it on top of my Commodore 8032 computer, because it has
a metal chassis and I don't have to worry about bulb heat.

Unit was purchased at Wallgreens on 10-26-03.

UPDATE: 10-31-04
Product was inadvertently left behind when I moved on 10-11-04; therefore, I have no additional information to add to this web page.



    PRODUCT TYPE: Decorative lamp
    LAMP TYPE: Incandescent bulb, C7 1/2
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    SWITCH TYPE: Rotary inline with cord
    BEZEL: N/A
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WARRANTY: Not shown


    Product was left behind after a move; therefore, I cannot rate it.

'Tin Witch' Lava Lamp * (URL not known)

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