"Presentation UFO", deep royal blue, retail $(see below)
Manufactured by LED-LENSER Optoelectronics (http://www.led-lenser.com)
Last updated 05-14-02

This is definitely one of the more unusual lights I've come across. When it shows up in your mail, your first thought might be "Oh great, there's another damn bomb in my mailbox*". But thankfully, nobody has figured out how to make pipe bombs that look like UFOs yet, so no need to worry. The attractively packaged flashlight looks like a baby model of the saucer-shaped presentation case it comes in. It is outfitted with a blinding, deep blue LED, deeper blue than your normal garden variety blue.

* IMPORTANT: In no way does the flashlight or casing look like an explosive device. Also note the flashlight itself is extremely heavy for its size; this is normal for this product. Do not be alarmed if somebody gives you one of these things and its weight catches you off guard.


The "Presentation UFO" comes ready to use right out of its mothership. All you do is press the button in its center, and this gorgeous, pure deep blue beam shoots out the end. This is one of the brightest blue LEDs I've ever seen, and the wavelength is short - somewhere in the 445-450nm range. So it has a unique, radiant and intense color that's sure to attract attention wherever you use it.

I have not as yet completed the apparently complex battery changing procedure for this light. My first try was unsuccessful, and I will probably not try again until I've actually found replacement batteries.

The UFO is extremely heavy for its size. It feels like a solid disc of metal in your hand. The momentary action button has a moderately firm feel to it, and provides a tactile "click" sensation when pressed. As with any light using extremely tiny batteries, the UFO is not for long-term use, but for providing periods of brief, but intense illumination to subjects close at hand, or for crossing a dark room or going down a dark staircase in an emergency.

The light comes in an unusual, flying saucer shaped presentation case.

The Presentation UFO has an interesting, attractive, almost formal styling to it. The finish is a pewter-like satin, and it would probably go well with dress-up accessories used for more formal occasions.

There is a small hole near the front right edge of the light that goes all the way through to the other side. I'm uncertain what it's there for, but it does assure the light will fill up like the Titanic if it falls in the commode (that's a fancy word for toilet) or bounces into a mud puddle. Water can also get in through the keyring swivel attachment, the opening for the LED, and the opening for the pushbutton, so don't bother trying to seal up the hole on the body of the light.

The UFO is fitted with a split ring key chain attachment by means of a swivel. I think swivel hooks need to be used on more lights.

The LED appears to be of Nichia origin, and may be one of their rare "V" rank blue LEDs. Both the style of internal leadframe and the beam configuration itself point to a Nichia NSPB500BT with color rank "V". It is exceptionally bright and vibrant.

Using a Tektronix J16 photometer, the UFO produced 10,600mcd.

This product may become available from Lee Valley Tools, http://www.leevalley.com in the near future.

UPDATE: 06-11-03
I have found out that there are TWO versions of this light going around. Both look the same, but one is 1 3/8" in diameter and the other is 1 3/4" in diameter. As soon as I locate the test sample, I'll measure it with a ruler and post the results of my findings on this page.

Exceptionally strong, vibrant, and unusual color.
Small size fits most pockets and purses.
Unique and attractive styling.

Not water resistant.
Battery changing procedure may be difficult, and batteries themselves difficult to find.

    MANUFACTURER: LED-LENSER Optoelectronics
    PRODUCT TYPE: Keychain torch
    LAMP TYPE: LED, blue
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Medium narrow, with several noticeable rings
    SWITCH TYPE: Momentary pushbutton
    BEZEL: None
    BATTERY: Unknown type lithium coin cell
    ACCESSORIES: Batteries, split ring with swivel attachment, presentation case
    WARRANTY: Not stated


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