20-LED NUV Adapter, retail $50-$80
Manufactured by InReTECH
Last updated 03-06-06

Here's yet another bright idea from the minds of InReTech!
Housed in a 3-D Maglight body (one way you can get yours), the 20-LED NUV Adapter radiates intense near-ultraviolet light at right around 395nm where most fluorescent stuff glows.

This is another light you don't want to aim at your face and push the button, because you can hurt your eyes if you do that. You only get one set of eyeballs, and if you ruin them you can't just go to the 7-11 and get some Eyeballs-In-A-Can.


Press the button on the barrel to get light, press it again to get dark.

If you already have a 3-D-cell Mag-Lite, you can buy just the adapter and replace the Mag's bulb with it.

If you are retrofitting your own Mag with this product, the following steps should take care of it:
  1. Unscrew the head, and set it aside.
  2. Unscrew the collar that holds the light bulb in (as you would for replacing the bulb), and remove the bulb. Do not replace the collar you took off when you removed the old bulb. Throw the collar in a drawer or somewhere else you can find it in case you ever want to go back to a regular bulb.
  3. Screw the head assembly back onto the Mag's body.
  4. Now, unscrew the TOP of the head (this is the lens retaining ring), from the main part of the head assembly as you would do to change the lens.
  5. Remove the reflector (throw it in the same drawer as the bulb collar).
  6. Put the 20-LED NUV module in the flashlight opening, and screw it into the bulb holder (clockwise) until it stops turning.
  7. Screw the top of the head assembly back onto the bottom of the head assembly. The plastic lens should not fall off.

The 20-LED NUV Adapter feeds from 3 size D cells, pulling about 315 milliamps from them.

To change dead batteries, unscrew & remove the tailcap, and dump the dead batteries in the nearest garbage can (or the battery disposal box, if your community has a battery reclamation program), load three new ones in the barrel button (+) end first, then screw the tailcap firmly back on. Done with that, fun!!! ya!!!

This is a tough light, right from the get-go. The body of the unit is made by Mag Instruments. I beat the barrel against a steel rod a few times, and did no visible damage. Mags aren't totally waterproof though (and the test sample does not have an O-ring between the lens and lens ring), so if you're looking around the toilet for old pee, be careful not to drop it in. :-P

I did beat the sample against a steel rod, and threw it across the room (resulting in that characteristic loud "Mag Lite-like" clanging sound) and the light did not fail.
Since there are no incandescent bulbs to pop or blow out, this light should be able to take pretty much any abuse you bestow upon it (provided you don't just beat the living tweedle out of it) and keep right on working.

Beam photo at 12".
Not able to measure, because my instruments aren't sensitive to UV.
Test unit draws 315mA from new batteries.

Beam color is NOT magenta like the picture shows,
it's a very deep royal purple in real live life.

Test unit is in its initial stages of testing, so please check back every now and then.
Unit drives its LEDs at 15.75mA apiece; newer units drive their LEDs at 20mA apiece and should emit more of the UVA radiation you buy these things for.

This adapter is designed to fit Mag-Lites; putting it in another brand of flashlight screws the warranty, so only install it in a Mag-Lite. You should also know that this particular adapter puts out longwave UVA radiation which isn't very good for your eyes if you shine the thing in your face. So just don't do it.

UPDATE: 01-17-04
I received a UV-sensitive ink pen (invisible in normal light, fluoresces in UVA radiation) today, and used the InReTECH MC395 light to take a picture of some writing on a yellow envelope (produces no fluorescence of its own) from it.

You should be able to see "395nm" written on this envelope in the pen's normally-invisible ink.
Leo from Paint Specialties Laboratory makes these pens.

UPDATE: 03-06-06
InReTECH is now closing its doors because the owner can no longer keep it operational. This and all other InReTECH web pages will be kept available for the benefit of current InReTECH product owners.



    PRODUCT TYPE: Drop-in mod for 3D Maglite
    LAMP TYPE: 395nm 5mm LEDs
    No. OF LAMPS: 20
    BEAM TYPE: Central hotspot with soft fall-off
    SWITCH TYPE: Rubberised pushbutton on barrel
    BEZEL: Metal bezel protected by Mag's lens
    BATTERY: 3x alkaline "D" cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: 315 milliamps
    WATER RESISTANT: Yes, splash-resistant
    SUBMERSIBLE: Not that I'm aware
    ACCESSORIES: None I know of
    WARRANTY: 1 Year


    Star Rating

20-LED NUV Adapter *

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