LightWedge LED Book Light

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Last updated 10-20-04

LightWedge Book Light

If you grab one of these and turn it on during the day, you might not be that impressed with it. But wait till gets dark, stuff it in a book, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. :-)

The LightWedge seems to live up to its promise of lighting up the page instead of your eyes. It uses 4 AAA cells, has two nice white LEDs, and two illumination levels (plus off) you can select just by pressing one button.

When you first receive the LightWedge, you'll need to remove the two pieces of clear plastic film from the acrylic window, and install 4 AAA cells into it. Then it'll be ready to go.

To use the LightWedge, just turn it on with the button in the center of the black piece on the edge, and lay it over whatever book or other printed matter you're reading. It will light up the page plenty bright for you to read it, while not waking up whomever is sleeping in the bed next to you.

You'll need to install 4 AAA cells when you first get your LightWedge, so here's how to do it:

With the acrylic window edge-on in your lap and the black portion facing you, press your thumbnail or the business end of a ballpoint pen onto the small button at one end of the battery door, and press it towards the door until the catch releases and the door comes off in your hand.
Insert four AAA cells into the two chambers provided (2 cells in each one), following the polarity markings inside the chamber. When a cell is placed in the chamber, press down on it until it clicks. If it is the first one (on either side) it should slide by itself to its resting place, making room for the other cell in that chamber.
All full & happy now, place the LightWedge's door back on, and you're good to go!

A study with the battery meter probably can't be done, so all I can really offer here is an approximate value, done by reading books with it until the batteries poop out.

The LightWedge appears to be durable, but I'll probably keep it away from toilet bowls and fishtanks, since it really isn't meant for those locations, just like I didn't try to flush a Color Kinetics C-75 fixture.

I'll focus most of this review on how the light is SUPPOSED to be used - as a BOOKLIGHT!

LightWedge Book Light
With all the lights off & the nightlight unplugged.

LightWedge Book Light
With the bathroom lights on.

Intensity is low, but it wasn't meant to be used like a blinding eye killer. That's what the Elektroblaster and the Arc-LS is for. Not the LightWedge.

Unit was received via Federal Express on April 29, 2003 and is in its earliest stages of testing.

UPDATE: 06-18-03
I have heard that LightWedge is producing a red-LED version for those who need to preserve their night vision. Red light will make photographs look funny, and shouldn't be used at all on maps (because it will [probably] render red lines completely invisible), but should still work fine for ordinary handwritten or typewritten text, books, charts, etc., and ought to help preserve your night vision more than the white LED models.

UPDATE: 10-20-04
The test unit was left behind in a move I made on 10-10-04.

Lights up the whole page without beaming back into your eyes.
White light renders photographs and maps correctly.

Entire unit must be lifted and repositioned after every page (there goes half the star).
If unit is dropped, it could break or scratch (and there goes the other half).

    PRODUCT TYPE: LED Book Light
    LAMP TYPE: White LED
    No. OF LAMPS: Two
    BEAM TYPE: Lights only the page it is placed on
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton, digital mechanism
    BEZEL: Large acrylic panel
    WATER RESISTANT: Light splash resist only
    ACCESSORIES: Page holder device
    WARRANTY: Lifetime on LEDs, 1 year on everything else


    Star Rating

LightWedge LED Book Light *

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