Photon X-Light

Photon X-Light (Blue), retail $8 (
Last update: 11-20-07

Photon X-Light

The X-Light is the "economy" version of the popular Photon brand of micro flashlight. Housed in a transparent, candy colored case, the X-Light features a bright LED and a fully digital on/off switch built right in. A pair of CR2016 batteries powers all the exotic colors; while a single CR2032 powers the red, orange, and yellow versions.


The X-Light comes ready to use. Pull out the plastic insulator (this prevents the light from "going off" in shipment) and it's all yours. Squeezing the light once turns it on; squeezing it again turns it off.

Changing batteries in the X-Light is pretty much a tool-free process. Unless you consider a penny or a dime as a "tool". Take your "tool" and stick it in the slot provided on the rear, and twist. The bottom cover (where the shiny red "X-Light" logo appears) should pop open at the rear. Now, slide the cover towards the rear, and it should pop off. You should *not* need to remove the keyring attachment. Slide the old batteries out, and place two new ones in the tray. Place the first battery all the way in the tray, button end (-) facing down. Slide the second battery in the same way, being sure it goes under the gold colored retainer. The light will turn itself on if you have done this correctly. Slide the cover back on, lifting the back end as high as it will go without removing the ring, and slide it forward until it stops. Snap the rear back together, and you're finished.

It's actually a lot easier than this description makes it sound, and it will become second nature to you quite rapidly.

Ok, so it's not made of glass-filled polyurethane, and its LED isn't a Nichia. But come on, what do you expect for $8? You do get a reasonably bright light with a digitial switch, and it's tough enough that the average consumer probably won't break it. And you get the Photon name, which means you get exceptional warranty service in case something goes sour.

The X-Light features a digital switching system. You push a button, and a small IC inside turns the light on and off. No need to keep squeezing. This is definitely the Cadillac of economy priced keychain LED lights.

Despite its appearance, it does seem to be reasonably durable. I stepped on it twice, and all that did was turn it on and off. It's a lot quieter than the Clap-Lite. :-)

Wider than usual beam from the X-Light.
Brighness 4,300mcd after about 15 minutes of intermittent use.
Wider than usual viewing angle is part responsible for low value.

Cross sectional analysis.

Contour analysis.

Charts made with the ProMetric system, on loan from Radiant Imaging.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of the LED (near-ultraviolet) in this flashlight.

That hump in the very deep red region of the spectrum is the second
order reflection from the spectrometer grating, and may be disregarded.

UPDATE 05-06-02:
X-Lights come in red, green, blue, and white. The case color matches the LED color.

Updates to this page will occur as needed.

Digital switching
No need to keep squeezing to keep lit
Tool-free battery change
Cases come in festive, fun colors

Batteries can be expensive & hard to find in an emergency
It's not quite as bright as its more expensive brother.

    PRODUCT TYPE: Mini keychain flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm, all visible colors
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Circular, quality varies with LED type
    SWITCH TYPE: "Computer dome switch" with digital signal processing.
    BEZEL: LED slightly recessed in a channel.
    BATTERY: 1 CR2032 or 2 CR2016 lithium coin cells
    WATER RESISTANT: Light weather/spash resistance only
    ACCESSORIES: Battery(ies), split ring
    WARRANTY: 30 days


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