Nd:YAG Laser, retail $TBA
Manufactured by (Unknown)
Last updated 09-20-10

This is a small Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) laser; designed to output laser radiation at 1,064nm in the NIR (near-infrared) region of the spectrum.
The chemical formula for the laser rod itself is Y2.97Nd0.03Al5O12

It is labelled to produce pulses with a pulse energy of 2.28 joules (~17.10MW or ~17,100,000 watts!!!), however I have not yet come across a suitable power source...a power source used for firing off a xenon flashtube (commonly used in photographic flashes) that has an output of +420 volts coupled with a storage capacitor of 1,800ĩF (microfarads) ought to do the trick here.

I believe that this type of laser was used in rangefinders used by the U.S. armed forces (probably the Army).

You MUST ALWAYS use laser safety goggles designed for the YAG wavelength every time you fire up this studly little laser...you don't want to end up like this guy: --->
This may look funny, but I assure you folks, this is no joke!!!

This is me with the appropriate laser safety goggles on.

This is a high-powered pulse laser, not a flashlight meant to be thrashed, trashed, and abused. So I won't throw it against the wall, stomp on it, run over it, swing it against the concrete floor of a patio, try to drown it in the commode, bash it open to check it for candiosity, fire it from the cannoņata (I guess I've been watching the TV program "Viva Piņata" too much again - candiosity is usually checked with a laser-type device on a platform with a large readout, a handheld wand that Langston Lickatoad uses, or a pack-of-cards-sized instrument that Fergy Fudgehog uses; and the cannoņata is only used to shoot piņatas to piņata parties away from picturesque Piņata Island), send it to the Daystrom Institute for additional analysis, or inflict upon it punishments that flashlights may have inflicted upon them.

Since I do not yet have a power supply capable of firing up this studly little laser, there will be no photographs or videos of it in operation.

Test unit of this laser was purchased on Ebay on 09-03-06 (or "03 Sep 2006" if you prefer) and was received on 09-09-06 (or "09 Sep 2006).

UPDATE: 00-00-00

    PRODUCT TYPE: High-powered pulsed YAG laser
    LAMP TYPE: YAG laser rod + xenon flashtube as pump source
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Very probably an extremely narrow spot
    BEZEL: Metal; AR windows of some type very slightly recessed in each end
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown (Pulsed xenon flashtube; probably many thousands of amps!!!)
    WATER- AND URANATION-RESISTANT: Light splatter-resistance at maximum
    ACCESSORIES: Unknown
    SIZE: 105mm L x 31mm W x 23mm H
    WEIGHT: Not equipped to weigh
    COUNTRY OF MANUFACTURE: Unknown; pesumably USA
    WARRANTY: Unknown/not stated


    I have not yet gotten this product to function (it requires a suitable power supply which I do not yet have at my disposal), so I cannot in good conscience furnish it with a "star" rating.

Nd:YAG Laser *

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