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Rainbow Blanket, retail $NFS!!!
Manufactured by J. Robbins
Last updated 12-13-11

This product does not emit light of its own, so the standard review format will not be used and the product will not be assigned a rating. This page will contain mainly just sixteen photographs and three videos; little additional material will be found here.

The second photograph above shows you what greeted me when I first opened the box: green tissue paper lovingly wrapped around the blanket and silver-colored "sparklies" sprinkled over that.

I wouldn't normally devote an entire web page to a silly blanket, but this is no ordinary blanket: it was made for me by my long-lost but recently found best friend J. Robbins from Arizona. Robbins and I were roommates at the Juneau Receiving Home from the late-1970s until the early-1980s when I was emancipated by the court and subsequently moved out.

After several years at the Receiving Home, we were more than just roommates -- we became almost like BROTHERS -- this was to the point that I actually did consider him a brother. Not by blood or by marriage, but brothers nonetheless.

We had not heard from each other since approximately summer 1983 (or was it 1982?), but he stumbled across a web page I had published with the sole intent of attempting to find him, and he recognised my name & the Receiving Home situation and subsequently gave me a jingle on the telephone at 1:56pm PST on 12-17-10 (or "17 Dec 2010" if you prefer).

The rainbow motif was chosen to represent gay pride (It's no big secret that I'm a "homosexicle" (from the movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"), so I have no compunction about saying that!!!); I believe Robbins himself decided to add the peace signs as a symbol of brotherly love.

This blanket is ***VERY*** soft and feels warm -- as though it were made from flannel or similar material.

 Size of product w/foot to show scale SIZE

Some things I keep for as long as I live (such as school yearbooks, family photographs, a magazine that my website is the cover of
*, an oil painting my mother painted and then gave to me, etc.); I believe that this blanket will be an addition to those things.

This is the blanket on my bed -- where it really belongs!!!
I mean, it's a ***BLANKET*** for crying out loud -- this is where it's supposed to go!!!

And if you're an interior designer and are thinking about getting on my toliet muscle
to tell me that the blanket and pillows don't match, then please go FVK yourself.
I know they probably don't match...I'm kinda stuck with blue (and maroon) pillowcases.

This is the tag I discovered the morning after receiving the blanket.

The blanket maker's first name was censored to help protect his privacy;
though I have a strong feeling that some of you already know who he is.

One of our kitty cats, Patches, claims this blanket as her new favourite hangout now...she was here for several hours the day before yesterday (03-22-11 {or "22 Mar 2011"}) afternoon.

The same kitty cat attempting to assume control of this blanket again. She laid on it for several hours on the afternoon of 03-22-11 (or "22 Mar 2011" or even "Mar 22, Twenty Double Sticks" if you prefer); even missing her 5:00pm feeding time by at least 90 minutes. And she *NEVER* misses dinner!!!

A different kitty cat (Baby) checking out this wonderful blanket.

My cute and adorable little kitty cat Nikki once again asleep on this blanket.
Photographs were taken at ~11:50am PST on 12-03-11 (or "03 Dec. 2011" or even "Dec. 03, Twenty Double Sticks" if you prefer).

Same kitty cat; photographs were taken at ~7:11am PST on 12-01-11 (or "01 Dec. 2011" or even "Dec. 01, Twenty Double Sticks" if you prefer).

The comfort blanket (or whatever the F you call those things) on my bed is reversible, so here is this rainbow blanket shown with the other blanket's light blue side exposed.

A video on YourTube showing the Havok Stinger (R/C helicopter) taking off from my bed with this blanket on it, and later, landing in very near the same place on the bed.

That clock that looks like a gigantic wristwatch is my Infinity Optics Clock, that sign that's so colorful and gay
* to the right of that clock is my LED ''SIGNS'' Sign, and that large black rectangular object below and well to the right of my "SIGNS" sign is the GForce Power LED Calendar Clock.
You may also be able to see two of my SpongeBob SquarePants plush (Patrick Star and Squidward Tentacles) and a Digimon plush (Greymon).

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A video on YourTube showing the Havok Heli taking off from my bed with this blanket on it, buzzing around the room for awile, and later, landing on the blanket again in rather near the same place.

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Another video on YourTube showing the Havok Heli taking off from my bed with this blanket on it, buzzing around the room for awhile, crashing twice, and eventually landing on the blanket once more.
That music you might hear is the song "Walking on the Sun" by Smash Mouth. This product is not sound-sensitive; the audio may ignored or even muted if it pisses you off.

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I cannot provide any of these videos in other formats, so please do not ask.

I was given this blanket by my long-lost (but recently found) best friend J. Robbins of Arizona and it was received at 3:59pm PDT on 03-21-11 (or "21 Mar 2011" or even "Mar 21, Twenty Double Sticks" if you prefer). And the rest is...shall we say...history!!!

* The following is a photograph of the small piece that EE Product News did about my website ten years ago (March 2001):

And below is the actual March 2001 issue of EE Product News magazine with my website featured as its front cover:

* Gay = bright and lively, not homosexual.


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