04-02-1935 to 07-01-2011
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This is Norm -- my dad of course!

This little website is in loving memory of my dad Norm.

Norm was born on 04-02-1935 son of Helen P. Johnson, and lived a very distinguished life; serving admirably in the United States Coast Guard in the 1940s (not in any war that we know about). He married Ella Johnson in Juneau AK. USA in the late-1950s, and had three children with her (I being one of them) -- there were four but one of them (a little girl named Brenda) died at 6 weeks from SIDS. He divorced, and remarried to Karen Hacko in the early-1970s, divorced that c*** (yes, she was a real douche -- otherwise I'd have never, EVER used the "C" word!!!), and married for the final time in early-1986 to Debrah Athwal -- whom he stayed married to right up until the end.

Among the jobs he had over the years: he worked for Harry's Amusement Co. in Juneau from sometime in the 1960s until he started his own vending company, Norm's Vending and Video Service Company, sometime in the mid- or late-1970s. He also owned the Viking Lounge for a number of years in the 1970s. During this time period, he also opened and ran Norm's Video Palace, a video game & pinball arcade. This lasted (both the vending business and the arcade) until approximately sometime in early-1986; then he moved to Seattle WA. USA and worked for a company called Music-Vend Distributing Co. (where I also got a job) for quite a number of years before he retired.

This used to be Music-Vend; we both have many fond memories of the place.

One thing he always loved no matter what was his music. No, not listening to music; he actually *MADE* music on his Accorgans, Moog synthesizer (and later, Radio Shack synthesizer keyboards), and Leslie rotating speakers (this gave a very distinctive sound to his music that you couldn't find anywhere else!) {Please go to Page 2 to see some of his musical instruments!}

He had a band in the 1970s called, "The Rubber Band" -- dad played the accorgan and possibly keyboards; and at least two other members were in it too. One played the electric axe (guitar) and the other played percussion (drums).

This was dad in the 1960s in front of my home in Juneau AK. USA.
As you can tell by the snow, it was winter when this photograph was taken.

Norm (dad) was taken away from us by cancer on the 1st of July 2011 after a surprisingly brief hospitalisation. He was a very stoic man who never told anybody that he was in pain; we believe that this may have played a rather significant role in him leaving this mortal coil when he did.

He is to be creamated; his ashes plus those of Debbie and the puppy dogs are to be sprinkled near Puget Sound WA. USA when the time comes to do so.

He is survived by his wife of 27+ years Debrah Johnson, plus five kids: Angie, Aaron, Gordy, Valerie, and Craig (that's me).

And this is dad fixing the stove in the mid-1970s; the douche's (Karen's) face has been deliberately censored out.

Site last updated 04-12-12: Added the contents of emails from his old friend T.L.K. in Juneau; text was used with his explicit written consent.

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