04-02-1935 to 07-01-2011
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This is Norm -- my dad of course!

These three photographs are from inside Norm's Video Palace in early-1984.

I use this as "Picture du Jour" on my website with a fair amount of regularity. In this photograph, you can see both his Radio Shack and Moog synthesizer keyboards, but his Iorio Accorgans and Leslie rotating speaker are not visible.

This is the Leslie rotating speaker.

This is one of two Iorio Accorgans he owned. They're heavy little f*****s -- I just about
had a hernia simply opening the case and photographing it. But I've watched him play this
instrument; it didn't at all appear to be nearly that heavy.

And this is a video on YourTube showing how "audio {sound}-sensitive" mode works on my Lightning Disk.
However, the true purpose of this video here is to allow you to hear dad making music in the adjacent room. So you'll want to turn your computer speakers or earphones up when you play it.

This video is approximately 40.923674592090 megabytes (41,087,644 bytes) in length; dial-up users please be aware. It will take no less than two hundred four minutes to load at 48.0Kbps.

This is Norm's obituary; published in the Seattle Times newspaper on 07-07-11.

This is Norm's obituary on the Cascade Memorial Website. You may light a candle for him there if you so desire.

This is the United States flag that was given to me by Debbie (my stepmother); she has another one that's going to my brother Aaron as well.

This is my dad in his semifinal resting place.
I say "semifinal" here because his final destination will be near Puget Sound WA. USA when his widowed wife Debbie "goes".

This is the key to his Arctic Cat snowmobile from the mid-1970s (he owned this machine plus an El Tigre 440 snowmobile at the time); it was found in a large coffee can brimming with keys in midsummer 2011.
I'll be keeping this little guy for obvious reasons.

This is a "wooden nickel"; it entitled the bearer to a free drink at the Viking Lounge, which he owned for a time in the 1970s.

J.R. in Arizona USA writes:

"Hi bro, Very touching, I remember the arcade as well the shop by the Federal bldg downtown. I know your moving but my prayers, love and tears to you bro, I had to stop and weep because your dad is still a good man. His memory makes him present when you think of your dad. Love you bro and to get your mind moving..." {remainder of email omitted}

Thomas Leigh-Kendall writes:
"Hi, first I knew of your dad getting off the bus before me. He was a good friend over the years and fun to work with. he would have had my bar wall to wall machines. But I sure enjoyed him and his band, Lots of good times. I be seeing him in the near future."

"I don't mind if you put my name or email, never mined people getting hold of me. Your dad I I tipped a few back in the day and I always had him play when he was not booked for more $$$. the game word was good for us all. Everyone was caught by the remarkable Scope a Tone. always had good memories of your dad . good to talk with ya"

No changes to spelling, grammar, or syntax were made.
Thomas apparently owns (or owned) the Viking Lounge in Juneau AK. USA.
His name and email address were both used with his permission.

Please feel free to email me.

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