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Marlboro Promo. "Zoom" Flashlight/Lantern, retail $ (I believe it may have been a free promo item)
Manufactured by (Unknown)
Last updated 07-12-11

The Marlboro Promotional "Zoom" Flashlight/Lantern is a handheld flashlight with adjustable focus that also serves as a camping lantern. It has a single KPR2 flange-base incandescent bulb, uses four D cells for power, and has a swivelling tilt bail/handle that can easily be removed if desired.

It comes in a red plastic body, and has a large, transparent, somewhat prismatic dome on its top to help diffuse light from its lamp.

I believe it was a promotional article from Marlboro "siggerets" a number of years ago; it has the characteristic Marlboro graphic on the back.


Feed the lantern four D cells first, and then you'll be ready to go camping.

Slide the switch on the side slowly upward (toward the transparent dome) to turn the unit on. Keep sliding it up to change the focus from narrow to less narrow (not wide). Slide some more to push the bulb out of the reflector so that it shines in a 360° toroidal (doughnut-shaped) configuration to use this product as a lantern.

Slide this switch all the way down (toward the bottom of the unit) to turn the lantern off.

The tilt bail/handle can be swivelled with a 360° range of motion in the Y-axis (around the top and bottom of the lantern); it also seperates into two parts (a metal part and a plastic one); this allows the lantern to be stood up in a very wet area with absolutely no (0%) chance that the lantern will flood from its bottom.

This tilt bail is also rather easily removeable if desired.

To change the batteries in the unit, turn the unit upside-down, and unscrew that large screw in the center of the base with your fingers. Unscrew it until the bvase comes completely off. When it does, set it aside. Or chuck it into the bushes if you accept the rather remote chance that a forest creature will pee on it.

Tip the four used D cells out of the lantern's body and into your hand, and dispose of or recycle them as you see fit.

Insert four new D cells into the lantern's body, orienting them so the flat-end (-) negative of two of the cells faces the spring in two of the chambers for them, and the button-end (+) positive of the other two cells goes in first.

Place the base back on the lantern's body, orienting it so the shallow cutout faces the switch on the side of the lantern's body, and screw the large screw back in, finger-tight only.

Unable to measure current consumption due to the way the lantern was constructed.

To change the bulb when necessary, unscrew and remove the transparent dome, and set it aside.

In the center, you'll see the bad bulb. Turn it while gently pulling straight up on it until it comes out. Throw that f****r in the garbage can!!! {light bulbs are not yet recyclable, which is why I did not offer that option}.

Place a new KPR2 flange base bulb into the white socket, pushing down rather gently while turning the bulb. It's in there when you pull straight up on the bulb (without turning it) and it does not come out.

Scerw the transparent dome back onto the lantern, and there, you're done.

This lantern comes in a plastic body, so "The Smack Test" would really not be appropriate here.

There is an O-ring between the transparent top and the lantern's body and another one between the lantern's base and its body; so it should be splash-resistant at absolute minimum. I don't believe that it is totally waterproof or submersible though (water would very likely enter from behind that large slide switch), so please try not to drop it in creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes, oceansides, docksides, puddles of Kodiak bear pee, slush piles, mud puddles, tubs, toilet bowls, cisterns, sinks, fishtanks, dog water dishes, or other places where water or water-like liquids might be found. A little rain or snow probably wouldn't hurt it though, so you need not be too concerned about using it in lightly to at most moderately bad weather.

If it fell in water and you suspect it got flooded, disassemble it as you would for a battery change, unscrew and remove the transparent bezel, dump out the water if necessary, and set the parts in a warm dry place for a day or so just to be sure it's completely dry inside before you reassemble and use it again.

If it fell into seawater or if somebody or something got "pist off" at it and subsequently "pyst" on it , douche all the parts out with fresh water before setting them out to dry. You don't want your lantern to smell like seashells or piss when you go to use it next. Besides, salt (from seawater or pee-pee) can't be very good for the insides.

Beam photograph (narrow) at ~12".
Measures 84.80cd on an Amprobe LM631A light meter.

Beam photograph (wider beam) at ~12".

A photograph of a closet to use as a control.

The same photograph; this lantern was illuminating the scene this time.

Spectrographic analysis
Spectrographic analysis of the incandescent bulb in this flashlight/lantern.

USB2000 spectrometer graciously donated by P.L.

ProMetric analysis
Beam cross-sectional analysis (narrow beam).

ProMetric analysis
Beam cross-sectional analysis (wider beam).

Image made using the ProMetric System by Radiant Imaging.

Product was found while getting garage sale items together on the afternoon of 07-10-11 (or ""10 Jul. 2011" or even "Jul 10, Twenty Double Sticks" if you prefer).

Since it isn't mine, that dreadful "" icon will be used at once, denoting the fact that I no longer have it available for future analyses or comparisons.

UPDATE: 00-00-00

Unique "zoom" feature allows for "2 in 1" use
Uses batteries that are readily available and reasonably inexpen$ive
Unusual bail allows for use on wet surfaces with absolute impunity

A bit on the heavy side for a battery-operated lantern of this size
Uses an incandescent lamp -- they occasionally "blow" at inopportune times

    PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld flashlight/lantern
    LAMP TYPE: KPR2 incandescent light bulb
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Varies depending on beam width setting
    SWITCH TYPE: Mechanical slide device on/off/focus change
    CASE MATERIAL: Plastic
    BEZEL: Plastic; bulb protected by large plastic dome
    BATTERY: 4x D cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    ACCESSORIES: 1 spare light bulb
    SIZE: 153mm H x ~90mm D
    WEIGHT: Not equipped to weigh


    Star RatingStar Rating

Marlboro Promo "Zoom" Flashlight/Lantern *

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