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QuiqLiteX Rechargeable (Two White LEDs), retail $36.95 (www.quiqlite.com...)
Manufactured by QuiqLite (www.quiqlite.com)
Last updated 07-13-13

Wel, thuh kompeny thatt maiks thuh QuiqLiteX Rechargeable kant spel thuh werds "quick" orr "light" , but they DO produce a nice light that can be clipped into a uniform shirt pocket.

The QuiqLiteX Rechargeable is an extremely nice little flashlight that is especially designed for LEOs (police officers), firefighters, EMTs (emergency medical technicians), and other people with "street jobs" that clips unobtrusively into a uniform pocket; you (the wearer) would not even know that it was there until you need it -- then with the push of a button right through the fabric, you are rewarded with white light at four levels plus a very attention-getting "strobe" mode where both LEDs flash alternately (please see video below).

It has two medium-power Cree LEDs and feeds them from a built-in rechargeable cell (or "battery" if you prefer to be incorrect).

It comes in an exceptionally sturdy nylon & metal body, and is built to survive virtually any punishment you mete out on it.

 Size of product w/hand to show scale SIZE

To use your spiffy new (or corroded old ) QuiqLiteX Rechargeable, simply place it in your uniform shirt pocket by swinging up the illuminator head and placing the unit into your pocket; securing it there with the handy-dandy clip built right in, then swing the illuminator head back down.

It will also clip to MOLLE webbing; this type of webbing is found on Law Enforcement amd Military tactical vests.

The following photograph shows how it might appear in your pocket (with the illuminator head deployed & and the unit turned on):

To activate it (right through the fabric of your shirt pocket or through MOLLE webbing), press & release the flat, square button as follows:
    • Once to turn one white LED on.
    • Again to turn both white LEDs on.
    • A third time to neutralise (turn off) the QuiqLiteX.
When the QuiqLiteX is on, you may dramaticically increase its intensity by pressing & releasing the X-Button on the top of the product; pressing & releasing it again turns the unit back to the lower intensity level. Turning the QuiqLiteX Rechargeable off will also automatically reset the product to minimum intensity.

The QuiqLiteX Rechargeable also has a ten minute "auto-off" function; this causes the unit to shut down automatically after ten minutes if you forget so the battery won't go flat and your QuiqLiteX will be ready to use again the next time you need it.
This auto-off functionality does not occur in "strobe" mode; the unit will flash merrily away (visible up to a mile (~2.20km) away) until the battery poops out.

The illuminator head can be tilted over a range of ~160° in the Y-axis (vertically); when the QuiqLiteX is installed into the furnished QuiqClip, the product can be rotated in a complete 360° circle in the X-axis (horizontally).

The QuiqClip also has a magnetic back, allowing the use of the QuiqLiteX for things like an impromptu (but quite effective) trunk light that will allow you to locate & secure things like knives, guns, flashbangs, ammo, atomic bombs , etc.

Use the QuiqClip for affixing the QuiqLiteX to thicker fabrics or (as you read immediately above) to stick to magnetic (ferrous; such as iron, soft steel, cobalt, or gadolinium) surfaces. It also allows you to affix the QuiqLiteX to thicker surfaces such as citation (ticket) books, the visor in your patrol vehicle, gun belt, jacket, hat, etc.

There are no disposable batteries to fuss with, to worry about going dead, or to worry about how they might harm the environment when they end up in a landfill, as the QuiqLiteX Rechargeable is -- as its name implies -- RECHARGEABLE.

To charge your QuiqLiteX Rechargeable, simply plug the "small end" of the furnished USB cord into the small female receptacle for it on the right side of the QuiqLiteX's side, and plug the "large end" of this cord into any free USB port on your computer (or an AC "wall wart" USB charger, or into a USB charger designed to fit into the accessory jack (used to be called a "cigarrette lighter socket") in any vehicle equipped with a +12 volt negative ground electrical system -- which would encompass over 99% of all cars, light trucks, light vans, and SUVs on the road today.

A red LED to the left of the charger receptacle on the QuiqLiteX's body should now come on, as shown in the following photograph:

After approx. 2 hours (assuming that the battery is pretty much flat), the red light should start blinking. This tells you that the charge cycle is now complete, and you may now unplug it and use it again.

The QuiqLiteX Rechargeable is a rather small flashlight that might not ordinarily have to withstand "The Smack Test", but since its intended users could get their asses in a sling on occasion, here ya go...after being dropped onto a concrete carport floor at approx. chest-height ten times (with the illuminator head deployed at various angles), no damage was found and no malfunctions were detected.

The battery hatch did pop off on the third drop, but replacing it took only several seconds in dark dawn conditions (covered carport at 6:33am PDT on 10-04-12). Due to the very nature of it, I fully expected to see the battery hatch come off; if yours should pop off and sail ino the weeds, temporary repairs may be accomplished with nothing more than a piece of Scotch™ (or similar) office-type transparent tape until you can obtain a replacement from QuiqLite.
Needless to say, nothing untoward happened to the QuiqLiteX for the remainder of the drop test.

This version of the QuiqLiteX Rechargeable is bright enough to use as a backup flashlight should your normal duty flashlight become lost, damaged, or even destroyed during a foot pursuit or other police activity!

The LEDs in the QuiqLiteX aren't steady-on; they're pulsed rapidly by way of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to help extend the battery lifetime between charges.
The following photograph shows this:

See how the LED produces light & dark spaces when the QuiqLiteX is waved about quite rapidly?

The illuminator head of the QuiqLiteX has a magnetic latching system; although it is virtually unnoticeable in normal use, it is actually quite useful: the latch helps prevent the illuminator head from flopping up during a foot pursuit or during an especially bumpy drive in your patrol vehicle.

This eval. look an awful lot like the one I made for this QuiqLite?
Thought that you'd say so.
They're pretty much identical; differing primarily in LED color, so I could use its evaluation as a template for this one.

Beam photograph on the test target at 12".
Measures 31,300mcd (one LED, minimum), 153,600mcd (one LED maximum), 54,500mcd (two LEDs minimum) and 183,300mcd (two LEDs maximum).

This is a wide viewing angle light, and if I've said this once, I've said it 31,054,500 times: Wider viewing angles always, always, ALWAYS equal lower mcd values!!!

All measurements were performed on an Amprobe LM631A light meter.

Beam photograph on a wall at ~8 feet.

Spectrographic analysis
Spectrographic analysis of the white LEDs in this flashlight.

Spectrographic analysis
Spectrographic analysis of the white LEDs in this flashlight; spectrometer's response narrowed to a band between 430nm and 470nm to pinpoint native emission peak wavelength, which is 445.121nm.

USB2000 Spectrometer graciously donated by P.L.

ProMetric analysis
Beam cross-sectional analysis.
That "dip" to the left of center that queered the test is a defect in the ProMetric's CCD imager that can't be compensated for.

Image made using the ProMetric System by Radiant Imaging.

This video shows the XFLARE attachment being used on my QuiqLiteX Rechargeable in its attention-getting "alternate flash" mode.

This video is approximately 43.8888456340 megabytes (44,396,614 bytes) in length; dial-up users please be aware.
It will take no less than two hundred nineteen minutes to load at 48.0Kbps.

This video shows the queer behaviour exhibited by this product when it is plugged into the charger and then unplugged.
I power-cycled the product (unplugged the battery, waited >10 mins., and then reconnected it) to see if the µC (microcontroller) had jumped out of program, but that wasn't "it".

This video is approximately 59.8657895552 megabytes (60,167,916 bytes) in length; dial-up users please be aware.
It will take no less than two hundred ninety nine minutes to load at 48.0Kbps.

Test units (one each white/white and red/white) plus an XFLARE attachment were sent by B.K. of QuiqLite on 09-26-12 and were received on 10-01-12.

UPDATE: 10-24-12
My QuiqLiteX has failed (I attribute this failure to "infant mortality"); however, since the failure occurred for this reason, I won't derate the product just yet...however if my warranty replacement also fails for no apparent reason soon after receipt, I may have to rethink that.


1: Neither LED will come on at any intensity.

2: When unit is connected to the USB charger, the battery "charge cycle in progress" LED indicator stays on only very dimly (est. 1% intensity); it brightens somewhat (est. 10% intensity) for ~200ms and then returns to dim when the button is pressed and again when the button is released. This LED also does the same thing when the USB charger is connected -- that is, it starts out at ~10% intensity, stays that way for ~200ms, then drops to ~1% intensity.

UPDATE: 10-26-12
I've heard (telephonically) from the president of QuiqLite that of "over 8,000" units of the QuiqLiteX currently in service, only my two have failed in this manner. After unsuccessfully attempting a "fix" (charging from an AC-powered USB charger), he said that I should send them back so that their technicians can examine them and try to determine just what it was that went sour.

UPDATE: 11-09-12
The replacement arrived yesterday afternoon, so the dreadful, "Failed or was destroyed during/after testing" icon can be removed from its listings on this website at once.

UPDATE: 07-13-13
This product has now failed much in the same manner as this one -- that is to say, the following symptoms appear:

1: Neither LED will come on at any intensity.

2: When unit is connected to the USB charger, the battery "charge cycle in progress" LED indicator comes on at medium intensity (est. 50% intensity); it brightens somewhat (est. 90% intensity) for ~200ms and then returns to dimmer with a full cycle time of ~600ms; lather, rinse, repeat.

Therefore, that dreadful, "Failed or was destroyed during/after testing" icon will be appended to its listings on this website to denote product failure.

It's exceptionally bright
Rechargeable -- no disposable cells to deal with
Has an anti-glare hood
Takes up quite little "real estate" in your pocket
QuiqClip is magnetic -- this makes the QuiqLiteX an excellent trunk light


None that I have found thus far

    PRODUCT TYPE: Pocket-mounted LED flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: White Cree medium-power wide-angle LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 2
    BEAM TYPE: Medium flood w/ dimmer corona
    SWITCH TYPE: Momentary pushbutton on/mode change/off on front surface
    CASE MATERIAL: Nylon & metal
    BEZEL: Nylon & metal; LEDs recessed behind anti-glare hood
    BATTERY: Li:ION cell, 3.70 volts 400mAh
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER- AND PEPSI-RESISTANT: Yes, weather-resistant at absolute minimum
    ACCESSORIES: USB charger cord, magnetic QuiqClip
    SIZE: 80mm L x 22.50mm W x 18mm D (w/ illuminator folded down)
    WEIGHT: 25.10g (0.88 oz.)
    WARRANTY: 1 year


    Star Rating

QuiqLiteX Rechargeable (Two White LEDs) * www.quiqlite.com...

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