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PR-917 Luxeon Flashlight Modification, retail $115 (head only) (
Manufactured by (Homemade/User Modified) McGizmo) (
Last updated 10-11-11

This is the McGizmo PR-917 flashlight that Don McLeish (aka McGizmo) created. He makes the bezel (head) only; it is up to the end user to supply the SureFire E2 or E2e body to go with it. I bought mine from a CPF member, and it already came with a SureFire E2 body.

The PR-917 contains a 3-watt Luxeon LED and a stippled (textured) reflector to direct its light forward. The light created consists of a bright central hotspot with a dimmer corona surrounding that.


To use the PR-917 bezel, unscrew and remove the bezel off your existing SureFire E2 or E2e, and screw the PR-917 bezel on the flashlight body in its place.

To use the bezel, operate the flashlight like you always did: depress and hold down the rubbery tailcap button for momentary light, release the button to turn the light off. Twist the tailcap clockwise (as if tightening it) for continuous light, and twist the tailcap counterclockwise (as if loosening it) to turn the light off.

The E2 or E2e this bezel fits on uses a pair of lithium CR123A or DL123A camera batteries. To install them, unscrew the bezel (head) and throw it away...O WAIT!!! THAT'S THE GOOD PART!!! So just set it aside instead.

Slide in two new CR123A cells, button-end (+) positive facing up, and screw the bezel snugly back on.
Aren't you glad you didn't dispose of that bezel now?

Lithium batteries, especially the larger ones like CR123As or DL123As (large in relation to coin cells), are nasty things if you dispose of them wrong or get them wet, so para lo motivos de Cristo please don't flush them down the john or toss them into a trout- or salmon-filled stream. Use a garbage can instead. Or recycle them, if your community has a battery reclamation program and it takes used lithium cells.

Measures 827mA, using my meter's 2A scale both to help minimise shunt resistance error and to provide a good resolution (+-1mA).

Photograph showing the stippled (textured) reflector and the LED itself.
Hard to imagine all that light (1,800,000mcd of it) coming from one tiny little LED. :-)

We already know the SureFire E2 is a tough little {vulgar term for feces}. But is the PR-917 bezel tough? Let's find out...ok, after whacking it against a steel rod five times and dashing the flashlight to the floor a couple of times, it still works correctly.

I also relieved the flashlight of its batteries, and suctioned the barrel with the PR-917 bezel in place. It held a good partial vaccum (vaccuum, vacume, vacumn, vaccuummnne, vaccume, vacuum, etc.) so I do believe it is water-resistant and weatherproof; and possibly even submersible to at least a foot or two. So I wouldn't worry about using it in the rain or snow, and falls into shallow water shouldn't do it in either. If it fell into seawater or if something pissed on it, just take the hose to it or douche it off under the faucet...good as new.

The beam produced by my unit is a pure white color, with no yellow, blue, violet, or "rotten platypus urine green" color anywhere in it. Not in the hotspot, and not in the corona either.
It's also very bright - o wait, I said that already...o well.

This light was designed for "throw" - that is, its main beam is narrow, and can travel farther than the beam from a flashlight with a wider main beam.

Beam photograph at ~12".
Measures 1,800,000mcd on a Meterman LM631 light meter.
This is a very good value for a 3 watt Luxeon LED.

Spectrographic analysis
Spectrographic analysis of the LED in this flashlight.

Spectrographic analysis
Same as above; newer spectrometer software & settings used.

Spectrographic analysis
Same as above; yet newer spectrometer software & settings used.

ProMetric analysis
Beam cross-sectional analysis.
Image made using the ProMetric System by Radiant Imaging.

PR-917 unit was purchased from a Candlepower Forums member, and was received on the afternoon of 05-21-04.
Unit is of private manufacture and will not be rated like a commercial flashlight.

UPDATE: 08-19-04
Don M. (McGizmo) now has his own forum on Candlepower Forums. Go to this link to access it.

    MANUFACTURER: McGizmo (Modifyer)
    PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld tactical flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: 3-watt Luxeon LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton momentary, twist tailcap continuous on/off
    BEZEL: Metal; pyrex glass window protects LED and reflector
    BATTERY: 2x CR123A lithium cells
    SUBMERSIBLE: Unknown, but probably not
    ACCESSORIES: 2 CR123A cells
    WARRANTY: Unknown/TBA


    Unit is of private manufacture and will not be rated like a commercial flashlight.

McGizmo's PR-917 Bezel *

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