{Picture(s) of the Day}

This web page is not necessarily updated ***DAILY***, but frequently.
Images shown here will almost always have a horizontal width of 639 or 640 pixels. They will not necessarily be of plants, Star Trek, Garbage Pale Kids cards, or kitty cats; though they will be a
repeating central theme (O NOOO! There I go thinking about the metal band "Anthrax" again!!! )

You may also see screen dumps (yes, that's what they're really called!) from demo programs ("demos") I wrote on/for the Commodore 64 computer in the early- and mid-1990s.

Last updated: 10-27-14

Three screens I used on my BBS in the mid-1990s; drawn in RIP {Remote Imaging Protocol} format; this is a 640x350 16-color format that allowed high-resolution graphics to be quickly displayed on a dial-up BBS.

The first one was a login screen; the second was the "User Statinator" screen that showed general statistics about the person logging in, and the third was the BBS's Main Menu.

I've long ago since forgotten what "COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION" was, so please do not ask.

And I don't know why I chose a douchebag (or was it an enemabag?) as the "Help" icon, so again, please don't ask.
I drew most of the icons myself; the three I didn't do myself are the "JUMP TO NEW ROOM", "POST PUBLIC MESSAGE", and "USER DATABASE" icons.

Finally, notice if you will the "games" icon (the one with the starship Enterprise in it) is labelled as "Abusement Park" instead of "Amusement Park".

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