Here is my 2001 Christmas light display. Remember, this is a small 1br apartment with no balcony and no place to hang lights outside, and many places inside that can't have hooks or screws installed. As much as I wanted to string up 10,000 or more bulbs, there just isn't anywhere to hang them. So this 3,000 bulb installation will have to do for Christmas 2001.

It's the holiday season. Any guess who's these windows belong to?

If you could get close and look up, you might see something like this.
I tried using binoculars in front of my camera lens, but could not get a clear picture because I don't have enough tripods to mount everything.
The wing windows actually have sculpturals in them, but they don't show up well here.
This is the main window, by the way.

And this is the bedroom window, using the same binoculars-and-camera technique.
If anyone owns a good camera with a zoom lens, you're invited to try these pictures for yourself.

This is the bedroom window from inside the house. A mixture of LED, regular, and plasma technologies.

Home is where the bulb is. Home is where all 3,000 bulbs are. Between the windows, the tree, and the interior; there are approximately 3,000 bulbs in this Christmas installation. Part of the window display is blocked by an insulator collection, and more of it is blocked by Christmas decorations - a poinsettia and a large singing reindeer. :o

This is pretty much the same shot, with no flash and deliberately underexposed.

These LED ForeverBright strings are up year-round.

But these aren't. I hung them up during baseball season, and they'll probably come down in early January.

The you-know-what tree.
I'm single and have no kids or family nearby. So why do I bother to put up a tree?
Because for me, it just isn't Christmas without one.

Shortly after September 11, I made this design as a web banner and put it on many of my sites
as a memorial to the 9-11 tragedy. My mom beads, and she found out about a memorial quilt
project being assembled in New York, so she beaded my design into this quilt patch and sent
it off to be installed in that memorial! This is the "practis piece" which she made first to see
if the design would work; she then made another which was sent off to NYC.

Although I couldn't volunteer toward the relief efforts directly, this is my (our) contribution
to the permanent memorial. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift.

There. I've said it. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanauhka. Happy Kwaanza. And Happy Whatever Else You're Into. :)

The Worse Homes & Gardens virtual home tour is finally over.
Martha Stewart, eat my shorts!!

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