LavNav™ Toliet Nightlight, retail $40.79 (*
Manufactured by Arkon Resources, Inc. (
Last updated 02-03-14

The LavNav™ Toliet Nightlight ("LavNav" stands for "Lavatory Navigation") is an ingenious device that attaches to your toliet seat lid with double-sided tape (no tools necessary), and serves two functions: it senses your approach to the commode in the dark and acts as a nightlight so you can find the {vulgar term for feces}bowl, and lets you know if the seat is up or down.

It senses your approach in the dark with a photoelectric sensor, lights up the toliet bowl, and indicates the status of the seat with bright green LEDs or a bright red LED.

Green means the seat is down; red means the seat is up.

The entire unit operates from two AA cells that you supply yourself.

* This price was found at; new units are available elsewhere in the range of $9.47 to approx. $27.00 (which is apparently the product's list price).


The package the LavNav™ comes in is not sonically or thermally welded, so you don't need knives, razor blades, scissors, or other sharp instruments to remove it from the package.

Feed it two AA cells that you supply (see directly below), and then you'll be ready to rock.

On the back of the LavNav™, there is a generous piece of double-sided foam tape. Take the unit to your bathroom, and remove the paper covering from this tape. Lift both the toliet lid and seat up. Position the LavNav™ at the top of the toliet lid, so the sensor (the black object on the top of the LavNav™) is at the top, and is covered by the front edge of the toliet seat. Press the unit firmly in place, and there, you're finished.

The LavNav™ is designed so that it only works in the dark. So please don't be surprised if it does not appear to function when you first install it.

The instructions state that you should wait two minutes for the sensors to "settle" after changing the batteries or handling the LavNav™.

To change the batteries in your LavNav™ (while it's mounted), put the toliet seat down (assuming it's not already down), slide the unit to the left until it stops, then lift it straight off the base.

Remove the two used AA cells from the LavNav™, and dispose of or recycle them as you see fit.

Insert two new AA cells in the chambers, flat-end (-) negative of each cell facing the spring for it in each chamber.

Place the LavNav™ over its base, so it is approximately 0.25" to the left of the base. Press it on, and slide it to the right until it stops.

Aren't you glad you didn't flush that...o wait, I didn't advise flushing anything away, did I?

Current measures 0.18mA on standby, and 36.9mA with the two green LEDs on.

The LavNav™ does not come with batteries; you'll have to either have them on hand or go buy some.

Due to the way our commode was constructed, I am not able to test the LavNav™ in the manner in which it was intended.
So my evaluation of it will appear rather incomplete, and no rating can be assigned.

Our toliet has no toliet seat lid, and has a "horseshoe" seat that's open in the front, so even if there was a lid, the seat status indicator would not function - it would always display green lights regardless of the seat's position. It would have fit on and worked with the commode at my old place (prior to 10-11-04), but not here.

The lesson here is, the LavNav™ will not function properly if your commode has a horseshoe type seat.

All I can show is the two green LEDs. That's why there is no red shown.
It would come from the center LED if I could activate it.

Test unit was purchased on 12-29-04, and was received on 01-05-05.

UPDATE: 04-27-06
If the toliet at my new place in Sacramento CA. that I'll be moving to in late-May of this year has a standard seat and a lid, and I find the silly thing once I'm moved in, I'll be able to test the LavNav™ in the manner in which it was intended to be used.

UPDATE: 06-20-06
I found the LavNav™ yesterday, so a few minutes ago this morning, I fed it new batteries and affixed it to my tiolet lid, and will try it shortly. With photographs of course.

How the LavNav™ should be affixed to your toliet.

Green lights to indicate the seat is down.

Guess what? The LavNav™ does not function at all!!!
It's supposed to sense your approach to the {vulgar term for feces}bowl and light up green or red depending on seat status, but it does not react at at all when I approach the commode. And yes, I installed known-new batteries in it, and gave the sensor several minutes to "settle", just like it reads in the instructional material furnished with the product.

In the photograph directly above, I briefly power-cycled the product to get the green lights to come on.

UPDATE: 08-15-07
I forgot to mention that maintenence came a few months ago to replace my toliet seat & lid; the back of the LavNav™ was still attached to the old lid, so I no longer have the capability of performing additional tests and analyses on this product.

Therefore, the dreadful "Failed or was destroyed during/after testing" icon will be appended to its listings on this website.

UPDATE: 01-17-14
This product is no longer being made, so the dreadful "" icon will be appended to its listings on this website.
However, existing stock is readily available from numerous web retailers.

UPDATE: 02-03-14
Turns out that the LavNav™ Toliet Nightlight ***IS*** still being manufactured, so the dreadful "" icon will now be removed from its listings on this website.

Very unique use of LED technology
Uses batteries that are relatively inexpensive & readily available
Automatic switching - no switches to fuss with or forget

Cannot be used on toliets with a horseshoe (open-front) seat

    MANUFACTURER: Akron Resources, Inc.
    PRODUCT TYPE: Nightlight/toliet seat status indicator
    No. OF LAMPS: 3 (2x 5mm green, 1x 10mm red)
    BEAM TYPE: Varies, depending on seat status
    SWITCH TYPE: Photoelectric
    BEZEL: Plastic; LEDs protected by plastic window
    BATTERY: 2x AA cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: 0.18mA (quiecent), 36.9mA (two LEDs on)
    WATER- AND PEE-RESISTANT: Splash-resistant
    WARRANTY: Unknown/not stated


    Star Rating

    Figures it would receive this rating, as it is designed to go
    somewhere you pee (the front of the toliet tank).

LavNav™ Toliet Nightlight *

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