Yuggoth Blaster, retail $120.00 (www.candlepowerforums.com...)
Manufactured (Modified) by Stephen Appelman of 3rd Shift Lights
Last updated 08-28-08

It looks like a Mag.
It feels like a Mag.
It smells like a Mag.
But when you turn it on, this vivid white light pours out the end, instead of that sickly dim yellow "light" produced by an unmodified Mag-Lite.

The Yuggoth Blaster uses six D cells to feed a white Luxeon III LED at the bottom of the reflector; the light can be adjusted somewhat by turning the bezel (head) clockwise or counterclockwise. The LED is powered by a buck converter (reduces battery voltage), which is concealed inside the bezel somewhere behind the LED.


Use the Yuggoth Blaster like you would use an unmodified Mag-Lite. Press the rubberised button on the barrel until it clicks and then release it to turn the flashlight on; press and release it the same way again to turn the flashlight off.

For momentary (signalling) use, press the button less firmly (before it clicks) and hold it that way for as long as you need the flashlight on; release the button to turn the flashlight off.

The beam is somewhat adjustable by turning the bezel (head) clockwise or counterclockwise.

To change dead batteries in your Yuggoth Blaster, unscrew & remove the tailcap, dump the dead batteries in the nearest garbage can (or the dead battery box, if your community has a battery reclamation program), and load six new D cells in, button (+) end first. Finally, screw the tailcap firmly back on. Done with that, fun ya!!!

Measures 483mA on the Duracell Ultra alkaline cells it was supplied with.

Note that this particular flashlight may overdischarge NiMH and NiCd rechargeable cells; I would advise caution if you use these cells in this flashlight.

I don't normally punish loaner samples, so the whack test will not be done here unless I receive permission to perform it.

(Edit 01-16-05) I was given explicit permission to do this test. When I administered the test (ten smacks against the corner of a concrete stair; five against the side of the tailcap and five against the side of the bezel), no damage was detected, and no optical or electrical malfunctions occurred either.

When that dreadful suction test was performed at the rear portion of the barrel, some air leakage was detected. It isn't a HUGE leak, but it's a leak nonetheless. So the Yuggoth Blaster should be splash- and weather-resistant at very minimum, but not totally waterproof or submersible.
I cannot perform that dreadful "toilet test" here, as the commode is shared by two other individuals.
But yes, it appears to be water-resistant and weatherproof as long as the bezel is attached.

Speaking of which, you can unscrew & remove the bezel and stand the Yuggoth Blaster on its tail to use it in candle mode. You will lose some water-resistance in this mode, so don't place it directly under the drip in a leaky tent when used this way.

The LED is powered by a 1 amp Georges80 buck regulator. This serves to reduce the battery voltage to what the LED needs, increases the LED drive current to 1,000mA (1 amp), and provides some degree of regulation so the light intensity will remain more steady as the batteries become discharged.

The LED itself is a bin TWOJ Luxeon.

The light that pours out of the Yuggoth Blaster is a pure white, with no yellow, blue, purple, or "rotten wolf urine green" tint anywhere in it. Not in the hotspot, not in the corona either.

Beam photograph (narrow focus) at ~12".
Measures 3,830,000mcd on a Meterman LM631 light meter.
(Measured 3,120,000mcd with the focus adjusted to infinity).

Beam photograph (wide focus) at ~12".

Beam photograph at ~15'.
That red circular thing is from an American DJ Laser Widow

Sample was sent to me by S.A. and was received on 01-15-05.
This may be a loaner, unless I choose to purchase it later.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! S.A. has no affiliation whatsoever with Mag Instruments. He modifies these flashlights himself, and is not in any way compensated by Mag Instruments.

UPDATE: 08-13-06
I have decided to name this flashlight the "Yuggoth Blaster", after the attack mode that Beelzemon uses near the end of Season 3 of the TV program Digimon.

Here's the Yuggoth Blaster (the real thing) about to be discharged.

UPDATE: 08-28-08
I have come to learn that Stephen (the creator of this wonderful light) has passed on after an illness (he passed away August 25 at 11:50pm), and is now "enlightening" angels in heaven.
Although I never subject this unit to any significant abuse, I'll be "babying" it even more now.



    MODIFIER: Stephen Appelman
    PRODUCT TYPE: Modified handheld flashlight
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Adjustable
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton momentary/on/off on barrel
    BEZEL: Metal; LED and reflector protected by plastic window
    BATTERY: 6xD cells
    WATER- AND PEE-RESISTANT: Weather-resistant at minimum
    SIZE: 19" L, 2" D
    WARRANTY: 1 year

    Flashlight is a modification and will not be rated like a commercial product.

Yuggoth Blaster * http://www.candlepowerforums.com...

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