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Paul is the gentleman on the left in this photograph; that's me on the right.
This photograph was taken in July 2000 at The Seattle Center.

And this is Paul; taken near my (then) home near 1st Ave. and Pine St. in downtown Seattle in the summer of 2001.

Here is a photograph of Paul from at least ten years ago (the mid-1990s?)

"We Are Not Alone"------------- written March 1992 by Paul Casey

As I sit here in my warm comfortable home, I think of all the people in our world. Some are poor, some rich, some in between, but we all share the same fate. We are born and we die. But what is important is what we do with our "Lives" while in between. We work for the "Man", to bring home the grocery's, pay our rent, or our house payment, and all the general overhead of just plain living. The cycle of our lives remains laid out for most of us here on planet earth. Some of us, there remains in our hearts a feeling of helpless and loneliness, because of our sexual orientation. We feel that we are rejected by society and other men that we see and meet on a daily basis. Its a feeling deep down inside, in our hearts. We want to be happy and not sad. We want to be accepted by who we meet. So we MUST all say to ourselves: "I Am As Good, As Kind, As Honest, As Human, As Anyone Else In This World" We have to take the time out of our hurried lives, and take a stroll down the road, down the beach, down the park, and put on a "Big Smile" on our face. A smile is a small thing and yet it relates to others in a "Big" Way. It says something that no words can be spoken. So put on that "Big Smile" and say "Hello How Do You Do, My Name Is------- . We have to come out of our shell, that we ourselves made. Boy it does seem a little scary, but one must make that jump into the "Real World" Some of us are thin, and some chubby, some are different colors and different nationalitys. But we all are human beings and need "Love", "Companions" and "Happiness" in our lives. Life is too short to Play Games, no matter what your age is. Lets all strife forth with a totally new outlook on our own lives and take a Look in the Mirror of Life. I say to the world: Hello, my name is Paul and I care to Listen! "Live Long and Prosper, and be Happy"

An archive of Paul's website can be found right here if you're interested.

This is the screen that was used to celebrate Waka Waka BBS's 6th anniversary.

This is the screen that was used to celebrate Waka Waka BBS's 16th anniversary.

This is the screen that was used to announce BBS "get togethers" that occured on a monthly basis.

This is from an email I received on the morning of 03-25-07:

It is only now, in researching Tandy 1000 files, that I have learned of
Paul Casey's death (through your website). Sexual orientation aside,
Paul was always willing to do the right thing and only wanted to help
people; it is with great sadness that I learn almost half a year later
of his demise.

Thank you for your memorial website and I hope you continue to keep it online.

(Name and email address omitted to protect his privacy)

These are a tote bag and a clock I purchased from Paul's CafePress store.
It is still open, so if you want a little memorial, this is the place to go.
I purchased the clock several years ago; the tote bag in mid-May 2007

(Update 09-07-09):
I should have posted this somewhat spooky update when it happened, but "better late than never" as they say.
When I moved from Sacramento CA. to Federal Way WA. on 01-07-09, I noted that this clock had stopped functioning...however, on June 16 2009 (exactly the three year anniversary of Paul's passing), it mysteriously started working again - and it's been functioning properly since then!!!

And here's the large coffee cup that I got from Paul's store on 05-25-07.

This is another screen from Waka Waka BBS - the files menu.

(My words now)
I knew Paul as early as the mid- or mid/late-1980s (1987 is my best guess here). He was both friendly and honest - he'd go out of his way to make anybody feel comfortable around him. I considered him my best friend. He was rather heavily into computers - and soon - his BBS. One of his loves besides his BBS were Tandy TRS-1000 computers.

He would stay up into the wee hours of the morning working on his BBS, always making it just a little better each day.

We would ride our chairs together to watch the Gay Pride Parade (also called "The F** March" by some) on Broadway in Seattle WA. USA, then grab a "to go" bag at Jack In The Box after the parade was over, but before going to Volunteer Park for the Freedom Rally. This event was crowded, but we always went home with free and low-priced souvenirs. And we stayed there to listen to the music & speakers, and do a little "boy watching" as Paul called it - we actually went "man watching" instead of "BOY watching" - we were not pedos you know. ;-)

I eventually moved into his home on 10-11-04, functioning as his live-in aide as well as being his friend.

Both of us would say "indeeeeed" like Teal'c on the TV program "Stargate SG-1", and if I said something that upset him (it was never, ever anything major or significant), I would say (spoken like Teal'c) "We shall not speak of this agane" in the lowest voice I could achieve, after he explained what exactly it was that upset him.
The word "agane" is intentionally misspelled; this is how Teal'c pronounced it.

"Stargate SG-1" was one of Paul's favourite TV programs besides the two game shows already mentioned on this web page.

Paul's favourite drink was Pepsi - even eclipsing coffee, milk, and water.

He had his right leg amputated (removed) just above the knee on 04-20-06, and I had to move out on 05-26-06 on the news that Paul would never be able to return home - and I did not make nearly enough money to pay just the rent there - so I really had no other choise in the matter.
After moving to Sacramento CA. (I arrived on 05-27-06), I kept in regular (at least twice daily) contact with Paul clear until just a few days before his demise. He appreciated that I called him to remind him that "The Price is Right" and "Wheel of Fortune" were about to come on.

This is another screen from Waka Waka BBS - the screen you got at logoff.

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