I've got all these pictures from (and of) home peppered all across the internet; usually put there for no good reason at all.
Why waste them, when I can just put them all together on one set of pages? This small set of pages contains pictures from inside & around my home, taken at various times during the year.

The first thing you realise when you step into my home is that it is *NOT* a model for Better Homes & Gardens. And it would probably cause Martha Stewart to chuck all of her decorating books and videotapes in her $1700 black Kohler Rialto toliet and cram them down with her silver handled $375 designer boar bristle toliet brush. But it is home to me, and I do the best I can with what I have. So deal with it.

Oddly enough, this is what greets you the moment you turn the key and fling open the front door.
It's about the size of a kitchen on an airplane, but it has a fridge, stove & sink and serves its purpose.

If you go about 8 feet, this is what you come to.

One small living room. There's an upright video game, a rat in a cage, a TV , couch, tables, wheelchairs, and some lamps.
Much like you would expect, except everything's all squashed together to fit in the approximately 9' by 12' room.
The carpeting is secondhand crap, complete with cigarette burns and cat pee. But I can't afford to fix or replace it, so deal with it.

This is part of my official LED Museum Flashlight Test Laboratory.
Not visible in these pictures are dozens of additional flashlights, test equipment, ProMetric system, and several computers.

This is a wide shot of my 24 square foot laboratory. This is where LED and a few regular flashlights
come to die for the sake of having their names & likenesses published on a web site seen by millions.
Don't kick over the violet LED!

Turn around now and start walking. Past the rat, the TV & coffee table, and up to the window.
If you can force your way all the way to the window, you'll see this: part of my 300 piece insulator collection.
Many were acquired over a 30 year period, some were purchased recently, and some were gifts.
Every once in awhile, a bee flies in and needs to be sprayed.

On the right side of the room, you'll find my couch and most of my Seattle Mariners paraphernalia.
The door with the green banner on it leads to the bedroom, and I don't show too many pictures of that. :-O

Having said that, this is a picture of it taken just after cleaning up from the big earthquake of 2001.
Now it is mostly a place for bags and boxes that have no place else to go, since there is no storage here.

Every year or so, we get earthquakes that makes things break. Sometimes, only a TV becomes broken, and sometimes a TV is all that's left.

Even my favourite store came out of this one with their shelves relieved of jars & cans, and coolers emptied of beer bottles. With a lot of help, they reopened a few days later. I had no such help, so I was pretty much boxed in for about 50 days.

Judging by the filename, this picture was taken about 3 weeks after the big quake. I was still cleaning up after it.
This dumpster would eventually become almost full, be hauled away & replaced, and become about half full again!
Everything in here was mine. Vacuums, TVs, computers, stereos, wheelchairs, furniture, windows, fishtanks, etc.

Finally, this is the small room where you'll find a sink, a tub, and a big white thing filled with water that you sit on.
Out of the camera's view is a dresser and two small stacked cabinets. And the toliet. And more crappy torn-up rug.

But wait... what the heck was that big orange monstrosity in the other room?!?

That big orange thing is a Satan's Hollow upright. A coin-op game that was in arcades in 1981.
Yes, the silly thing still works. And it will work even better once I install that stupid cap kit. :-O